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Best HTC Desire Z Cases by NORRUN

Updated on July 15, 2011
With a large touchscreen, its a good idea to buy a decent phone case for your HTC Desire Z!
With a large touchscreen, its a good idea to buy a decent phone case for your HTC Desire Z!

Are NORRUN cases really worth $50 for your HTC

The HTC Desire Z is considered to be one of the best smart phones on the market. Not only is it powerful and features the latest version of the awesome Android operating system, but it also looks great. Chances are you want to keep your shiny new HTC Desire Z looking like that, and this is where NORRUN comes in.

Whilst you can spend $5 on a cheap case that will offer some form of protection, it makes sense to spend more and at the same time get a case that matches your personality, as well as giving good protection for your phone. NORRUN HTC Desire Z cases are nicely designed cases ranging in materials from goats leather to polyester. However the consumer is also protected as they feature a one side radiation layer to help eliminate "electrical smog".

Buy Leather Cases and Patterned Cases for your HTC Desire Z

As you can see NORRUN really have gone to town with their deisgns. Many you will hate, but some you will think, "that is me". They really do look great. Due to them coming in such a wide range of designs they truely can be personal to you and make a great statement. So whether you want a leaopard print case, a smart Army style phone case, or the classic leather look there is something for you. All with the radiation shield and quality feel from the case. I think that they provide excellent value, as I really do not see the point in spending $100s on a phone to then not protect or protect your phone with a $5 case. These German made case provide a unique look and the microfibre materials relaly do give great protection.

Great cases for a great phone!


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      nice phone, great share .