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Best Iphone 4 Case

Updated on June 10, 2011

When my wife got her iPhone 4 she was terribly excited but at the same time a little nervous about using it while out for fear of dropping it,the free iPhone 4 case she got with the phone was nothing more than a rubber bumper to protect the edges which is all very fine and well until you drop it onto its face and the screen cracks,so online we went to hunt out the best iPhone 4 cases and covers.The search was arduous lasting several days but there was a winner,however as with all things that are great there are several drawbacks to each cover and these i will let you know about.Some are quite cheap and we eliminated these very early on as if you need an iPhone 4 case for a phone worth several hundreds of pounds then it seems reasonable to spend a fair bit protecting it doesn't it.So weather you are looking for something simple just to protect the screen or something far more substantial to protect the entire phone then I'm pretty sure i have it covered below.

Silicone Skins

The first iPhone 4 cases we looked at were the simple rubber moulded versions that cover the back of your phone and come in a myriad of different colours and designs from having pictures of your favourite TV shows and actors on to simply being covered in crystals these simple yet quite effective cover are cheap, easy to install and look great.They are mainly made out of silicone and offer a simple skin for the back of your phone.The only downside with them is that they do not offer any protection to the front of your iPhone so you will probably need to pair them with a screen protector

Hard Cases

These are exactly the same as the silicone cases as they only offer back and side protection but they are made out of a tough durable plastic,the good thing about these is there are far more luxurious designs out there and for those of you who like to be different there is a design for everyone,the downside of course is again you will have to pair it with a screen protector and if you drop the phone unlike the silicone cases these will scratch and crack if dropped hard enough.Still you can always buy a multi-pack of hard cases and when one breaks change it.

Otterbox Defender Cases

Now although granted they are not the prettiest of cases if you don't care about the look of your iPhone 4 and just want an iPhone 4 case that does the job of protecting it then this is probably the one for you.Multifunctional in that it offers protection for the screen and the front side and back,an all in protection guaranteed to stop the iPhone from receiving bumps,knocks and scratches.The case comes with 3 levels of protection and also comes included with a belt clip to make sure it doesn't come out of your pocket.

Minisuit Skin Case

These are a new range of cases and like a lot of the others only offer back and side protection so you may want to think about adding screen protection as well.Made out of the same kind of silicone as most of the cases these are quite stylish and obviously come in a wide range of colours and designs,also they come with a key-chain which has a microfiber cloth attached so you can keep the case and screen dust free,to save polishing it on your trousers which could scratch it.

Invisible Shield

This is a great screen protector from zagg,the invisible shield covers the iphone front and back and offers a full lifetime guarantee by the makers it is as scratch proof as there is on the market right now and is claimed to be of military grade which means it is bloody tough stuff.I have heard it can be a bit tricky to install it to your phone but there are several videos on YouTube one of which is below.The good thing about this is it adds no extra weight to your phone and you can still add one of the above cases to give you that individuality you require but with the peace of mind that your iPhone 4 is protected.There are plenty of screen protectors out there for much less money but these top of the range invisible shields are second to none.

Zagg Invisible Shield


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    • Jalapeno10 profile image


      7 years ago

      This is so informative. I think I need to buy some casing for my iphone. Thanks though. :)

    • warchild75 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      Yeah they do one for the solstice,i never heard of that phone but checked on and zagg make one for that phone

    • evvy_09 profile image


      8 years ago from Athens, AL

      Sorry, I don't have an iphone, but it's still really useful for those who do. I will have to see if that Zagg shield will fit my Samsung Solstice.


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