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Best Java Book For Absolute Beginners

Updated on November 10, 2015
Java-Books | Source

Java books are the best companion from students to software professionals. Every book has good and bad point. However, many books are popular in the market. These books are in use because every Java expert today in the market has read these books and built their foundation from it. At their expert level too, they refer these beginners Java books. Here I am giving top 5 book in Java for all people who want to build their foundation.

Top 5 Books To Learn Java

1. Java The Complete Reference-Here in my list of top 5 books Java the complete reference has achieved 1 place because of its simplicity. It presents every aspect of Java clearly. Therefore I have lot of respect for this book.

Currently latest 9th edition of the book is available in the market for students. This edition is most up-to-date and contain all changes made by oracle Java team.

From start it assumes that you don’t know anything about java. It covers each topic of java from basic level whether it is networking,applet or swing.The writer of this is Herbert and Patrick Naughton. He has written other best books like the complete reference c++,c,html css,sql and j2ee.

2. Thinking in java-If you ask any java expert to list their top 3 java book then thinking in java must be in the their list. The book is written by Bruce Eckel. Its every chapter go deep into particular topic and forces you to think in logical way. It starts with basic in java and carefully builds concept. It doesn’t stray from topic and remain always to the point.If you want to increase your logic power and move to extraordinary programming skill,then this book is for you.

Java-Shelf | Source

It teaches every java topic with illustrated coding example which is very important for java beginners. In the last part the author deals with advanced concepts like jsp, ejb and web services.Other most famous book by author is thinking in c++ and effective java.

3. Core Java volume I-Famous technical authors Cay S.Hortman and Gary cornell has written this book. They are person who helped in the early development of java language. After reading the complete reference java, you can better understand core java volume I book.

This book contains some good programming example with proper syntax which is big motivation factor to read this book. So if you want to learn hard core programming and theory, then this book is best .

Its comes in two part. First part contains chapter from basic java to multi threading. Part second contains advanced topic on swing, networking, database,internationalization in java.Now the 10th edition of this book is available with all latest java changes.

4. Head first java-After the success of their head first jsp servlet book, head first publisher became known in technology world for their unique way of teaching.After that they thought that they should publish beginner book in java in same format as last head first servlet book.From that time,they begin to publish their many books under head first brand.Head first java is yet another book from their side.It is worth reading book for all java beginners.

At the last of each chapter,it gives summary of chapter and some objective question.These objective questions are set by keeping in mind SCJP Javacertification exam .So it is also useful for java users who want to get SCJP certification.

Head First Java, 2nd Edition
Head First Java, 2nd Edition

At the last of each chapter, it gives a summary of the chapter and some objective question.These objective questions are set by keeping in mind SCJP Java certification exam.So it is also useful for java users who want to get SCJP certification.

It is written in the flow of head first JSP Servlets book.It adopts a modern way of learning which tells learning everything by combining the text and pictures. The book contains many pictures which helps in better understanding of basics of java.People like to buy its bestseller 2nd edition.

Java-Language | Source

5. Java how to program-As you see the book first time,Its colorful cover attracts you.It starts from java basics and slowly goes to advanced topics in java.The book is present itself in attractive way so as to make your reading interesting.

It adopts a very simple approach in learning.First it tells you about some particular topic,after that it gives you simple example on that topic.Latter,This example is explained pointwise.In between,it gives you programming tips,common errors in programming,error prevention tips and software development tips in java.

In the end it gives lot of exercises to get better hold in java. Deitel brothers who are author of this book,has also prepared video tutorial on this book where they teach coding example in the book.Student can buy its 10th edition that was released in 2014.

Best Java Book

According to you which is best book for java beginners and expert

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    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      3 years ago from England

      Great advice for anybody who needs to learn about Java, nell


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