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Best Kids Digital Camera: V-Tech Kidizoom Plus and Why It's Better Than the Fisher Price

Updated on January 30, 2012
The V-Tech kids digital camera is great for travel!
The V-Tech kids digital camera is great for travel! | Source

It all started one year, when all my kids had digital cameras on their Christmas wish lists. Of course I knew this was only a matter of time, as they’d been ogling our digital camera for months. But, knowing how careless they can be, and how they treat their toys, I was pretty hesitant. We began doing some research on the best kids digital camera, with our primary concern being durability.

We bought 2 Fisher Price Kid Tough digital cameras and ended up being disappointed. These cameras sucked the life out of the batteries with very limited use. We all know how much batteries cost, so this was definitely a hidden expense with this camera. But, more importantly, the quality was simply awful! Don’t even bother printing the pictures out, they look awful. The pictures always look fuzzy and dark, no matter how well lit the environment is. Finally, the camera has sounds that blare with each push of the button, unfortunately there’s no way to turn them off! Not only can the sounds be obnoxious for the parents, but highly inappropriate in any number of places you might want to surreptitiously snap a picture.

Kids Digital Cameras on Amazon: V-Tech Kidizoom Plus

Kids Digital Camera: V-Tech is the best!

Do yourself a favor and get the V-Tech Kidizoom Plus camera instead. We finally ditched the Fisher Price cameras and upgraded to these and could not be more pleased! They are very easy to use and incredibly durable. My kids have dropped them onto our hardwood floors numerous times, are constantly fiddling with them and they have truly stood the test of time. And, the pictures come out very clear, non-pixilated, with vivid colors and not dark! We were highly pleased and surprised with the quality, especially since it's just a kids digital camera! We can, and do, print them out on our photo printer for the kids.

The V-Tech Kidizoom Plus camera also takes videos, which my kids love and adore. They have 256 MB of memory and can store approximately 200 photos and 5 minutes of video. They also have 5 games my kids have enjoyed playing, especially on car trips. Finally, they have a photo editor that allows you to put silly frames and stamps on your pictures. That’s been one of their favorite features of this camera, let me tell you. The editor also allows you to enlarge the photos to up to 2.0 Mega-Pixels for printing purposes.

My kids found the camera to be very user-friendly.  I showed them a few basics first, such as where the large power and shutter buttons are.   These cameras fit perfectly into little hands, and have a rubber grip to reduce slippage while they use the selector dial.  

It has a large 1.8 inch LCD color screen.  It requires 4 AA batteries, which I’m pleased to report, aren’t drained in a matter of a week like the Fisher Price model.  It has an SD card slot, so f you want to add more memory, you can purchase a separate SD memory card.

Originally we opted not to buy the separate camera carrying cases, but went ahead and purchased these last Christmas.  We wanted that extra bit of protection and convenience since our kids take their cameras everywhere.  


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  • DoTheMath profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago

    Thanks, Ravel! It's really been a fantastic camera. I think he will love it. I appreciate your stopping by.

  • Ravel profile image


    8 years ago

    Thanks! I think I'll be getting one for my little guy for Christmas. I think your hubs look great.


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