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Best Laptop Computers 2010 - A Guide To Buying Laptop Computers 2010

Updated on November 29, 2010

The amount of new technology that is being developed - being released - daily is phenomenal. The announcement of a new iPod, an upgraded iPad, or some other product that is a copy or improvement of something previous; it's overwhelming to try and keep up with it all.

One thing about technology, and more specifically new technology, is that the majority of it is portable. Portable cell phones, portable video games, portable movies, portable GPS - society has suddenly felt an incredible urge to become portable. And with the rapid rise of social networking , such as Facebook and Twitter, that urge is become more and more present. Right?

The point is is that portability is now a must in this technological day and age; and, the leader of this revolution (if you want to call it that) are computers. It's fitting, then, that the bestselling piece of technology year after year are laptop computers, the epitome of portability.

And it begs the next question - what's the best laptop computer 2010?

By being so popular, by having such a high demand, gives laptop computers a big variety to choose from - and, with two big companies vying for you to buy their products (Apple and PC) makes this choice even larger. With such a range of choices it's hard to decide what the best laptop computer of 2010 is. Do you want a PC laptop 2010? Or do you want a tablet laptop 2010? Perhaps you just want to know what the best overall laptop of 2010 is?

The truth is you need to shop around, decide what you're looking for the most in a laptop, and then make your decision.


Best PC Laptop 2010

When searching for the top laptop computers 2010 you first have to decide if you want a PC or Mac because, let's face it, you either like one or hate one - there's no in-between.  PC, in my opinion, has made a big step forward this year in closing the gap between the two companies.  The best PC laptops 2010 are much cheaper than most Mac laptops and, in many cases, aren't that far behind in performance.  Plus Windows 7 is a very good operating system. 

The best PC laptops of the year are, in many cases, also the best value laptops of 2010.  You buy a cheap laptop (under 1000) that is still considered one of the top laptops computers of 2010.

My personal favorite, and my pick for best PC laptop of 2010, is the HP Pavilion.  It's a entertainment laptop, meaning it's one of the best multimedia laptops 2010, great for watching movies, social networking, and playing video games.   It comes with 4GB of ram, and has a 15 inch screen that is the closest you'll get to HD quality on a laptop. 

Best Performance Laptop 2010

Some of us don't care about the money, and finding the most affordable laptop computers; some of us would rather just look for the best computers, or at least the ones that perform the best.  The best performance laptop computers 2010 range in price, style, and purpose but they all have one thing in common: speed. 

When buying the best performance laptop computer you need to take a few things into account:

  • Style:  Do you care how it looks?  Some of the fastest laptops don't look as sleek and cool as others - will that matter?
  • Price:  Are you willing to pay the extra $200 for a couple more GB of ram?
  • Purpose:   The best performance laptops computers can range from being for entertainment (hardcore gaming) and business (making presentations). 

Best Looking Laptop 2010

The opposite of buying the best performance laptop computer 2010 is looking for, and buying, the best looking laptop 2010.  A good looking laptop is a lot different from a high performance laptop; they are much sleeker, usually thinner and lighter, and will usually have a few creative designs. 

This, however, doesn't mean they don't perform well.  Many of the best looking laptops 2010 will be able to perform all the tasks that you need - internet browsing, Facebook, movies, ect - making it a excellent choice to purchase.  

What do you consider good looking - isn't the line, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder?'.  The most important thing you need to consider, when searching all the best rated laptop computers 2010, is what you think looks good.

For example:

One on of the best looking laptops of 2010 is the MacBook air.  It's also of the best thin laptop of 2010; it has a sleek white design and is probably the lightest laptop ever produced.  This may appeal to you - or it may not. 

For you, although this is a little far-fetched example, the best looking computer could be the best valued laptop of the year. 

Buy Best Ultraportable Laptops

Best Ultraportable Laptop 2010

Remember when we were talking about portability and how much it meant in todays society?  Well let's take that one further: ultraportable laptops. 

Ultraportable laptop computers are just what they sound like - normal laptops that are very - and I mean very - portable.  And by this I mean they're a laptop that can almost fit in your pocket, one that will for sure fit inside you're purse (or satchel). 

In my opinion one of the best aspects of ultraportable laptops 2010 is that they are very affordable.  Some of the cheapest laptops to buy are ultraportable computers;  this makes them a very appealing computer to buy, allowing you not to invest as much money.  Although the performance lacks on some ultraportable laptops they still get the job done, allowing you to browse the net and write whatever you need to write. 

Best Student Laptop 2010

A laptop is essential for any student; students have to write essays, stay in touch with families, relax and watch movies... the point is the best student laptop computers of 2010 should do, well everything - and be cheap.

Some oft he best student laptops 2010 are actually the best multimedia laptops 2010. Multimedia means they can perform multiple tasks, such as play movies, record music, go on Facebook. They are the most general type of laptop computer, making them an ideal choice for any student; plus they are a very affordable laptop computer.

One of the best student laptops 2010 is the MacBook Pro. Why? Although exspensive it's a computer that does everything, and does everything well. With a sleek design, a lot of memory, high battery life, the Pro is one of the best rated laptops of all time.



Best Laptop Computers 2010 - Bestselling and Top Rated Laptop Computers 2010


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