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The Best Laptop Cooler Brands

Updated on March 15, 2011

Laptop Cooler

The Best Laptop Cooler Brands
The Best Laptop Cooler Brands

Best Laptop Cooler Brands

Buying a laptop cooler can be a daunting task, but don't worry we will bring you the best laptop cooler brands to help you decide whether you want a cheap and simple laptop cooler, a high quality laptop cooler, or even a silent laptop cooler which you will barely even realize is running.

Different laptop cooler brands tend to have different qualities, which makes life simple for guys like me, who want to inform you how to find the best products to help you live your life to the full, without breaking the bank unnecessarily (Although sometimes you might find spending a bit more for what you need is required!)

In the following hub on the best laptop cooler brands I will be showing you the laptop cooler brands which in my opinion are simply the best at what they do, and why you should choose them, or avoid them!

Most laptop coolers are powered by a USB cable, and provide a pass through port, so you can still use USB devices as normal.

If you want to know some of the best laptop coolers check out my buy laptop cooler hub!

Generic Laptop Coolers

While I will soon be showing you a whole range of the best laptop cooler brands, I still feel as if I should talk briefly about the generic laptop coolers which can be found in many styles across the Internet.

In general, generic laptop coolers have two major points which you need to know about.

Firstly, generic laptop coolers come cheap, you will often find that unbranded laptop coolers are available for much lower prices than their branded counterparts.

Secondly, a generic laptop cooler will probably be unreliable. These laptop coolers are cheaper because they use cheaper parts, with cheaper labor. This means you can expect the fans to burn out quickly, the joints to break, and an overall poorer performance in cooling quality than branded laptops (Due to plastic often replacing metal, which holds the heat in rather than distributes it!)

I would not recommend that anyone should buy a generic laptop cooler, since you can get higher quality branded laptop coolers, at a very similar price. There are however plenty of generic laptop coolers available to buy online if you are willing to risk the failure of your laptop cooler fans!

Antec Laptop Cooler Brand

Antec brings some cheap and cheerful laptop coolers to the market. as well as some pretty high quality laptop coolers. With Antec you get what you pay for, their high end designs are lightweight, strong and portable, their cheaper designs are flimsy and easily breakable.

Despite this I cannot help but love some of the Antec laptop coolers, first off the price is so cheap that if one breaks, you simply buy another. There are also some simple small laptop coolers which are highly portable, and the cheap plastic design also makes them light weight, so you barely notice the extra load to your laptop bag.

You can get better laptop coolers for the price of Antec laptop coolers in my opinion, however they do have some pretty unique products!

I wouldn't recommend the Antec laptop cooler brand to new buyers of laptop coolers, however if you are looking for a second laptop cooler for travelling or portability, as well as a home laptop cooler, the Antec range could be ideal for you!

Belkin Laptop Cooler Brand

Belkin is a long established computer peripherals manufacturer who's reputation lays more with wireless technologies than laptop coolers. Nevertheless Blekin have released some fantastic high quality laptop coolers, and is definitely one of the best laptop cooler brands when it comes down to style.

Unfortunately the Belkin laptop cooler brand only gives you basic laptop coolers, although they do come pretty cheap!

The Belkin laptop cooler range has become increasingly popular with apple users since the suave design of many belkin laptop coolers fit welll with the macbook style.

Cooler Master Laptop Cooler Brand

Cooler Master is a long established computer cooling brand which has evolved far from it's early days of simple PC Fan manufacture. Nowadays Cooler Master provides a wide range of high quality, cost effective cooling solutions, part of which as a great selection of laptop coolers for your average laptop user.

The great thing about the Cooler Master laptop coolers is that while they may not be the most powerful, or the most quiet, they are highly functional, and reliable, without costing very much.

The Cooler Master range of laptop coolers is awash with speed settings, USB hubs and the like, and yet the price of the Cooler Master laptop cooler brand is still really cheap. Somehow despite all these features and low price the Cooler Master laptop cooler range provides some sturdy high quality laptop coolers which will last for a long time, especially when compared to similar priced laptop coolers.

Evercool Laptop Cooler Brand

The Evercool laptop cooler brands is quickly becoming well established as the go to brand for cheap gaming laptop coolers. Providing some of the worlds best high power cooling for the price, Evercool create some great laptop coolers.

Don't rush out and buy one just yet though, the Evercool laptop coolers are not the quietest, and with the cheap price, comes the cheaper reliability. You might also find that a couple of the Evercool laptop coolers are far from portable, with large bases which do not easily fit in to any laptop bag.

NZXT Laptop Cooler Brand

The NZXT laptop cooler brand is well known for it's high quality components, surprisingly quite fans, and immense cooling power. The NZXT range is my personal recommendation for any gaming laptop!

While the NZXT laptop coolers do provide fantastic cooling, and great reliability, it does come at a price. The price is, in my opinion, well worth it though.

Despite the large looks of the NZXT range, some ingenious folding hinges help to make the powerful laptop coolers easily portable, perfect for gamers on the move such as myself.

With the price you also get high quality functionality, including speed settings, USB hubs, and on some of the NZXT laptop coolers you will even get three large and silent fans to give you quiet but powerful cooling.

Zalman Laptop Cooler Brand

If silence is bliss, then Zalman is your saviour. The Zalman brand has been known since the inception of high quality PC cooling for it's quiet, and fan free computer cooling methods. Zalman's foray in to the laptop cooler brand market has been no exception, with some amazing quiet fan technology being brought in to some near silent laptop coolers.

The Zalman silent laptop coolers will keep your laptop cool, as well as quiet, which is why I nearly always suggest a Zalman Notebook Cooler to those looking for quiet laptop cooling!

Zalman laptop coolers are probably one of my most recommended laptop coolers for those who want silent laptop cooling!

If you are looking for a quiet laptop cooler or a silent laptop cooler then I would definitely suggest looking in to a Zalman laptop cooler, simply because they are the BEST at quite cooling technology!

PacificBreeze Laptop Cooler Brand

The Pacificbreeze laptop cooler brand provides some adequate mid range laptop cooling. While I personally have never used or hands on reviewed the PacificBreeze range, from what I have read however they do not seem to provide anything new, however some people might like a few of their designs, including a rather powerful mini laptop cooler for those on the move.

Thermaltake Laptop Cooler Brand

The Thermaltake laptop cooler brand is my all time personal favorite, they have a good balance of price, power, and noise reduction, along with some very high quality fans which will keep going for years, without becoming excessively noisy.

The Thermaltake brand is on a par with Cooler Master for it's consistently great performance and reliability, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a high quality laptop cooler.

While the Thermaltake laptop coolers are not silent, they are pretty close to it, and you probably will not notice the quiet fans over the noise of the laptop itself, however you will still find a great temperature drop in any laptop suffering from cooling problems.


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    • thisisoli profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      I have tested teh ThermaPAK, it is great, but i often use my laptop (Which gets very hot) for up to 12 hours a day, the ThermaPAK does well for a while, but tehn the crystals kind of 'fill up' and then it doesn't really do much anymore :(

    • profile image

      Shirna Manzano 

      7 years ago

      yeah...why did they not think of a laptop with a built in cooler?>?..well ive been using laptop cooler--the ThermaPAK HeatShift.It is fanless and uses organic cooling crystals to cool the bottom part of your laptop. This helps save battery life as it uses no power whatsoever to power fans.And I love new gadgets...

    • thisisoli profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      I fully agree, I have been through 2 warranty replacements in the space of a year, and was lucky to find out how much laptop coolers helped before my warranty expired completely.

      The laptop industry should be creating laptops which do not fry themselves, unfortunately it just doesn't seem to be on their agenda.

      The good news is that laptop coolers by all these berands can help you keep your laptop cooler, and faster.

    • aleksander bryson profile image

      aleksander bryson 

      8 years ago

      Doesn't it seem odd that we'd need a cooler for our laptops? I know mine gets really hot, but I think the designers should do a better job so we don't need to add a laptop cooler to help manage the heat.


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