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Best Laptop Under 500$

Updated on January 24, 2015

Best Way To Find A Laptop Under 500$

The best way to find the best laptop under 500$. If you are looking for a laptop especially for that price there are some important rules to follow. Decide if it's going to be for home use or for traveling, Decide on the type of cpu you need and for any laptop try to stick with 4gb of ram. Following these guidelines will have the biggest impact on how your laptop will perform and what it can do. There are some good laptops out there for that price and if you take just some simple guidance you'll have the best chance of picking a good laptop that does everything you need.

There is one important thing to decide on before getting any laptop. Make sure you get one that is going to handle what you need it for. That's why it's important to decide if this a traveling laptop or desktop home replacement laptop. Both are going to need different standards and different features to handle your use. If your getting a travelers laptop for instant you may want to find a laptop with the best battery life because things like wifi and games quickly drain the battery.

Another important thing to decide on is weather you need a really good CPU or just one that works well enough for you comfortably. The Cpu is a major factor in how your laptop will perform. If you get a cpu that is really old and sucks then your going to notice that it's hard run programs and running anything takes a really long time. One thing to remember though is that the better the cpu the shorter the battery life so it's up to you as to weather you want a longer battery life or a really fast system for handling more complicated tasks like video games for instance.

Another thing that's important when deciding on a laptop is to make sure it has adequate ram. Ram is going to affect how fast your computer responds to commands. It is recommended that you stick with at least 4gb of ram as this will suffice for most applications. There is also faster ram you can get but in the end it's best to stick with 4gb. If you get this your laptop will generally run at a comfortable rate.

So it is challenging to get a good laptop at this price. If you look carefully though you will find a laptop that runs smoothly for you. Remembering to check the cpu, ram and decide on features that will for what you need it to work for, you will have a laptop that you can enjoy. Don't forget to do your research and you'll find a really smooth machine. So if your still wondering if you can find a laptop under 500 that is efficient and smooth then don't because they are out there you just have to mix and match components to get what you need.

Best Laptop Value Under 500$

Trying to find the best laptop value for under 500 is a bit of a struggle. Usually the components don't suffice for very intensive game play but the best value isn't bad at all. A laptop under 500 can have an Intel i3 dual core at 2.2gh, 4gb of ram and an Intel hd300 graphics card. This is a pretty good setup for some games and any web surfing or office work it's perfect. These are pretty good standards for a laptop and it's a great value for under 500 bucks.

The first thing to look at value wise is the benefits of having a newer cpu model such as the Intel i3 cpu. A great cpu such as this is definitely going to produce great game play for any game. Cpu performance is important when running applications and other programs on a pc or laptop. The better the cpu the better the performance but it's important to know if you buying a laptop that generally the better the cpu the shorter the battery life on a laptop. Knowing this can help you make a better decision on what you need.

Another thing that is of great value in a laptop under 500 is 4gb of ram. It's entirely possible to get a decent machine with 4gb of ram installed that is under 500. This means that you can have a pretty smooth machine that runs great for web surfing,skyping or email sending. A laptop with this equipment will be able to handle any of these task with ease and will continue to do so for days. It's especially sweet that such a good system can actually be purchased for under 500.

There is another thing to and that's a good graphics card. The intel hd3000 graphics card is not the best around but for a laptop under 500 it's petty good. A graphics card of this type is used mainly for office use but has the power to handle many entry level games. You can't expect to have high resolution on visually demanding games but at least the games are playable on low to medium settings. This isn't bad as it means that it means that an office slash gaming laptop is possible at this price witch is contrary to what most people think.

This is about the highest value you can get for a laptop under 500 at the moment. Sometimes you may be able to get faster ram or even a faster hdd in a laptop. I didn't have time to go into the importance of hdd speed in this article but if you can 500gb running at a decent speed your laptop will load much faster and load landscapes in games much faster. So for the most part a laptop under 500 isn't going to play really intensive games very well but is good for entry level games and web surfing. It's not a bad deal for what it's worth and if you need for only simple tasks then you can do very well if you choose wisely.

Best gaming laptop under 500$

If you want a gaming laptop it is often recommended to have a budget of at least one thousand dollars. If you have a budget lower then that though there are still decent solutions. For a laptop under 500$ the best you can get is pretty decent. In a 500$ laptop one of the best graphics cards seen is the radeon 7670m or radeon 8750m. Also laptops like the acer aspire v3 -517g has an intel core i5 processor and this is pretty good for a laptop at that price. It's important in laptops to look at the ram and cpu because these components will make the greatest impact in system performance.

So the radeon 7670m or radeon 8750m is seen inside laptops under 500$. This graphics card is pretty good for low to medium settings on some games. A graphics card is used to paint the shapes on your screen for games or video processing. Usually a good graphics card is going to improve the resolution you will be able to set your game to play at. The better the graphics card the better the resolution with decent frame rates.

Also by looking carefully you can find laptops that have an intel i5 core processor. These processors are a newer model with completely different architecture. It's best to stick with an intel i3 equivalent or higher. This is because that since the architecture is completely different the performance is much smoother and takes less of a tole on your system when running games or other programs. So finding an intel i5 in a 500$ laptop is a pretty good steal.

When you are attempting to find a cheap laptop there are two things to look at carefully. That is the ram and cpu. These could be consider the most important things that will determine laptop performance. After that look for a good graphics card and a fast hard drive with adequate space. If you focus on these four things when deciding on your laptop your going to be able to configure it to run incredibly smoothly and run faster for games.

So even though it's a bit of a challenge finding a laptop for a such a low price is possible if you look hard enough. Knowing what to look for in a machine is essential to success. To get a really good laptop for that price something will most likely have to be sacrificed. It will depend on what kind of games you want to play and what your needs are. The thing is though that with laptops there's not much room for upgrading so it's best to choose wisely.

A Good Laptop Under 500$ Is Possible

So if you wonder if finding a decent laptop under 500$ is possible then don't worry because new technology is coming out daily. This means that technology that is still really good even though it is outdated is getting cheaper. The problem will only occur if you are trying to play newer games that demand newer technology. It's important to look at thing like cpu, hard drive speed, and ram to get the most out of your laptop. If you look at these carefully you can find a really good one for a decent price.

Cpu is the central processing unit for your pc. The impact on performance and system speed depends largely on your cpu. With a good cpu your laptop will be able to handle more serios programs and games without to much of a struggle. The best to stay with is an intel i3 core or an equivalent or anything higher than that. A cpu of this type is able to handle most of the newer games and programs without to much of a struggle.

Another thing to look for is fast ram. Ram is going to reduce the time it takes your laptop to follow a command. The faster the ram the better but it's important to stick with at least 4gb or ram. If you don’t have enough ram memory your laptop will have to start paging the hard drive witch will slow down your laptop greatly. That's why in some cases it would be best to stay with 4gb of ram or higher even if it's slower ram. This will improve performance in the long run.

The final thing to make sure to look at is the hard drive space and speed. You want enough hard drive space to be able to store as much data as you want on your laptop without having to worry about it. Usually a laptop for under 500$ should have a hard drive that has at least 500gb of hard drive space witch is pretty good. It's also important to look at the speed of your hard drive. If you have a faster hard drive your laptop will load things faster including game textures, boot up time and many other things. That's why it's important to look at if you want better performance.

Finding a laptop under 500$ isn't going to be easy if you want a speedy machine. But looking at these things carefully will give you a clear idea of what you need and how to go about it. If you look at these things and compare different laptops you'll find the laptop with best value very quickly. Laptops at this price can be great as technology gets cheaper but remember they do get outdated. It all depends on what your needs are for the moment.

How To Find A Good Laptop Under 500$

If you are trying to find a laptop for under 500$ then there are some possible solutions. It's important to go about it carefully so that you don't get outdated stuff. A laptop for that price is simply going to have some limitations but the best thins to do is find deals online and check offers carefully. The limitations of a laptop under that price may turn you off though but it all depends on what you need it for. If you look carefully you can find one that will give you everything you need.

A laptop under 500$ is most likely not going to play any of the newer games. See a laptop for that price is most likely going to be good for only web surfing, emailing or going on skyp. This is about it for a laptop at that price. You will be able to play games on it but don't expect it to turn out high settings. Usually it will be entry level games with low to medium settings at the most. If you don't mind this then a laptop for that price can be a great idea.

To find a good laptop for that price your best option is to find deals online. There are many benefits to online shopping that can't be compared when going to offline vendors. It's best to compare different components and deals so that you can find the best one you can. By doing this you will surely find the best price and laptop available. You also have the option to look slowly and carefully online and also options for decent used laptops as well.

To find a good laptop make sure you check the offers carefully. When looking at the offer make sure you've gotten an idea of what to look at so that you can be a good judge on the system. Ram, hard drive, graphics card and cpu are the most important factors. Make sure to get a good idea of the differences between these four things and what the impact is so you can be a good judge. If you do this then you can check the offer carefully and get exactly what you want.

Finding a good laptop under 500$ is tough but with a little back round knowledge it surely can be done. Don't worry if you are thinking that it's not possible just make sure to go about it the right way. Don't just spend your money and not think about these things because laptops are hard to upgrade and you can sometimes find a deal that is so much better for the same price. That's why it's important to get an idea of what to look at before you go shopping. But with this knowledge now you should be able to find a decent laptop under 500$.


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    • Reuben Chew profile image

      Reuben Chew 

      4 years ago from Singapore, Singapore

      Great article. However, you may want to update it with Haswell and Bay Trail information as they are rather significant updates that have occurred over the past year. Haswell, for example, promises significantly better battery life and Bay Trail offers competitive performance in an affordable and small package.

    • Shinzuu Katame profile image

      Shinzuu Katame 

      4 years ago from Maine, USA

      Great general tips!

      Here's a little more info for your readers.

      HP G-7 and G-5 series are good for that price range and performance, and more than possible in the last couple years. The G-7's in the last year have actually dropped to around $500-550. Mind you, the G-7 series is their 17.2 inch line and the G-5's, if there's any left in circulation run around $450.

      The 15-inch ASUS K-series runs the i3 dual at 2.5+, 640GB HDD (last year's December models), and 6GB of DDR3 RAM runs around $500 in the last 7 months.


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