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Best Microphone For Vocals

Updated on May 28, 2013

Two Kinds Of Microphones

There are two main types of microphones. A dynamic microphone and a condenser microphone. A condenser microphone is the most common type of microphone you'll see, especially in a studio. Condenser microphones have great frequency and usually have a louder output. They are however more expensive and a bit sensitive to loud sounds. There are actually two different kinds of condenser microphones as well. Large diaphragm mics(LDM) and small diaphragm mics(SDM), but I'll get into that later. The second main type of microphone is the dynamic mic. Dynamic mics can handle a lot of abuse and don't require their own power supply. However their sound quality isn't usually as good as a condenser and and have somewhat limited frequency response. Dynamic microphones do tend to be cheaper though!


I won't go too in depth with LDM and SDM, you may want to get as specific as possible. LDM mics have are for more deeper sounds, if you're using a lot of instruments especially basses. SDM microphones are good for if you just want a solid microphone, for primarily vocals and acoustic instruments.



A preamp is probably just as important as the microphone itself. Basically a preamp increases the signal from the microphone when recording. However they do a lot more than just that. A preamp can cost a lot, but make sure you get one of good quality. It's easy to buy a $150 preamp that makes no difference. A good starting preamp is the ART Pro MPAII Microphone Preamplifier. You can find it for about $299.


Pop Filter

One more thing you absolutely need when recording vocals is a pop filter. All your "p" and other strong consonants create distortions in a recordings. A pop filter is just a small screen that goes in front of your mic. It prevents these distortions, so your recording stays crisp and clear. You can find them for just $10-$50. You can even make one yourself.


Rode NT3

This microphone can be found for around $200 to $300, and is fantastic for the price. This microphone is best at recording vocals and acoustic instruments. It's also really good at picking up drums and any other type of percussion. The Rode NT3 is picks up higher pitches best, so if you're a bass singer or have want a lot of deep bass in your recording, this might not be right for you. Not saying it can't pick up bass at all, just there's other microphones that are built more for bass.


Shure KSM27

This microphone is perfect for you if your on a budget and plan on doing both recording and live performances. It's stable enough for recording in your home studio, but is durable enough to handle going outside. This microphone by Shure will give you what you need for a very reasonable price. You can find the Shure KSM27 for $300-$400.


AKG C214

This is one of the top rated microphones for it's price. It's basically a cheaper alternative to the legendary AKG's C 414. The C214 has a great dynamic range from up to 156 dB SPL to super low noise. This mic is really high quality especially for the price. It beats some mics that are over $1000. You can find the AKG C 414 for $499.


Rode Classic II

This microphone is pretty much good for everything, from hard rock and amplified guitars to vocal and acoustics. This microphone can handle drums just well too with virtually no problems. The Rode Classic II has been used my many well known recording artists. It can handle a lot and is very durable. It's price is definitely on the high side, but is worth it. You can find the Rode Classic II for $1800. However you may be find it for as little as $900 it for you look around.

Getting Your Money's Worth

When doing recordings you want the best sound possible. To get the best sound possible, you need the best mic you can get. When buying a mic don't be afraid to search around for some good deals. You may be able to find a high quality mic for significantly lower. Also consider getting a used microphone. A high quality used microphone may still work great and be sold to you for half the price! Just be sure to get the best quality you can, and you'll be golden!

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    • skperdon profile image


      6 years ago from Canada

      Interesting. Didn't know that there were microphones for just vocals.


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