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Best Phone Cards to Call China

Updated on August 15, 2011

Best Phone Cards to Call China

I use phone cards to save money whenever I make calls to my family and business associates in China. If I didn't I know I would've been wasting a lot of money.

I know choosing a phone card can be quite a daunting task. Especially for a first time buyer who doesn't even no where to begin. Hey I've been there too.

I've used a lot of different phone cards from many different companies and so far Speedypin is the only company in my opinion with the best rates for calling China.

What separates Speedypin from the competitors?

The biggest factor that puts Speedypin above a notch from other phone card companies is that they offer a 100% guarantee on all of their phone cards. Again I've used a lot of different phone card companies and so far Speedypin is the only company that offers such a guarantee.

Now I'm not some sort of sales guy. I'm going to show you how to save even more money by teaching you which phone cards to choose from the list below. Because I'm just a consumer, just like you. I'm also a customer, and to prove to you I buy and use Speedypin's phone cards you can watch a video of me logging into my account.

Call Rates from USA to China

How to Choose the Proper Phone Card to Save Money

As a shopper your first inclination is to reach for the cheapest items. In the instance of phone cards that is not wise. All phone card companies offer phone cards with or without fees. As a rule of thumb any phone card that has the lowest call per minute rates contain the most fees.

Take a look at the first three phone cards. They are penny cheaper, however you'll also be paying:

  • Maintenance Fee - Charged at a weekly, biweekly, monthly basis
  • Carrier Service Fee - Charged after your call ends

So even though the first three cards offer a 1¢/minute rate and you compound all the fees your call is not 1¢ anymore.

Do what I do. Purchase any of the bottom three phone cards. Yes you'll be paying less than a penny more. But as a consequence you're getting the actual advertised rate and paying nothing more.

That's it. It's as simple as that. Most people complain about phone cards because they were never informed about the fees even though it is clearly written.

Watch Me Log Into My Speedypin Account

Have you ever used Speedypin before?

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