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Best Future Cellphones Explored

Updated on March 27, 2014


The unprecedented growth of cell phones over the past few decades has challenged the role of mobile phone, in a broader extent. People now are not accustomed with ‘cell phone’. Rather the term has changed to ‘smartphone’. A smartphone no longer acts as mere communication medium but also a device through which one can virtually perform various tasks which were once impossible to think. The advent of iPhone further corroborated the idea and one can envision lot more new developments down the line.

Mobile phone in the future will invariably rise to a new level. They will come with lot of functionalities breaking old barriers.

In light of this context, this paper would try to explore on some of future endeavor that we are yet to see:


Facebook Phone

The coming of Facebook phone is on the air for a long time. Though not much is known about the offering, rumor has it that they are trying to tie up with HTC mobile to come up with an innovative phone.

Super Smartphone

Sensor is one key technology used in smartphone. However the future smartphone is expected to come with different new sensors in them through which one can perform many tasks like temperature measurement, weather forecast etc.



As all the large enterprises are eyeing towards smartphone, Amazon is also not left behind. One of the largest online store, we can soon expect a smartphone where user can directly connect with amazon’s store and can watch movies, listen music and the plethora of options the store offers.

Carrier-free iPhone

What if a smartphone can act as a WiFi modem? This is one question that catered new thought on its application. We may soon find the traditional career based devices may no longer play a part and is replaced with a mere smartphone!


The rise of gaming in smartphone devices is nothing new. The future is to allow more room for gamers which can replace the traditional gaming system that we are acquainted with.

Time changes and so does things changes around us with new advancement that we face each day. The future of smartphone is thus an interesting study to gauge the nature of changes that one can expect with the time to come.


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