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Best Roku Channels: Private Channels not in Roku Store

Updated on August 3, 2012
Roku Box XS
Roku Box XS | Source

Best Roku Private Channels

After digging through hundreds of private Roku channels, I have come up with my 5 favorites. These are all private channels that do not contain any adult content and are fully functional. These channels provide quality content that is entertaining and useful. Once you get tired of your channels from the Roku Store, I suggest you give these a try. (bppim)

Woot is a daily deal site, however; it is a bit different in that it doesn't sell coupons it actually sells the product. The Woot private channel on Roku is a fairly basic channel that gives you an overview of the different Woot departments. It will even provide links to the WootCast which is basically the sites blog area. One of the coolest features of this channel is that you can set it up so that the daily Woot deal is your screensaver. This means you will always know the current deal and you won't have to keep visiting the site. Unfortunately, you can't actually order products from the channel. Hopefully that feature will come later.

Adding a Private Channel

To add a private channel to your Roku Box you will need to be able to find them first. Many channels can be found in the Roku Store, but the private channels can not be found there. You'll need to know how to find the channel code, and how to put the channel on the Roku Box. If you need help adding a private channel you may want to read my article on the subject. (SNKQW) is a video site that is a lot like Youtube, but on a much smaller scale. All the videos on the site are submitted by users and can be watched by anyone. In my opinion this is one of the best private Roku channels out there especially now that Youtube isn't on the Roku. This private channel will allow to browse popular videos and the individual categories like news, music, and science. The channel also has a useful search feature to help you find your favorite videos. This is a great way to get your favorite videos from the internet onto your TV.

LibriVox is a great way to listen to audio books. It is a free channel that allows you listen to books that are considered public domain. This significantly reduces the number of books to choose from, but they still have a good number of books. It is nice to be able to listen to a book on your TV from the comfort of your living room.

Nowhere TV (H9DWC)

Nowhere TV is probably the best private channel on the Roku Box. I didn't include it in my list, because it basically takes all the channels on this lists and combines them into one simple channel. If you enjoy many of the channels listed here, you may want to try Nowhere TV since it provides most the same media. (ENGBH)

This is a database of different radio frequencies. You are able to search for your local area and discover radio frequencies in your area. This is a fun way to listen to your local police and fire dispatch and other services that use public radio frequencies. I was able to find a few frequencies in my area, but found that they were not very active. I still think that this channel is unique and could be interesting to listen to. (NMJS5)

The channel provides access to the videos cataloged on the Internet Archive website. This is a great Roku channel if you enjoy watching older movies and TV shows. They have a wide range of categories that range from classic cartoons to sports videos. However, I feel that most of the media on the Archive Channel would be considered classic. If you dig a bit you'll be able to find a few modern shows or films made by independent film makers. Most ot the newer stuff is submitted by users of the site. This is a fun and interesting channel that is perfect for those who enjoy retro TV and films.


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    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 4 years ago from Long Island, NY

      I have a Roku box and enjoy all the channels. I plan to add since I know that one well, but never knew they are on Roku. I'll have to check out your other hub to find out how to add it. Thanks for all this info. Roku is getting better all the time. Well over 1000 channels now.

    • dgicre profile image

      dgicre 4 years ago from USA

      Roku is probably the number one cable cutting media streamer available today. I like your channels especially Nowhere Man. One of my favorites is the Plex channel. Plex will let you play all kinds of files from your computer like .mkv and .avi files. There are a ton of great private and public channels available and is great resource to find many more.

      Keep on Streaming!

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      I had no idea what Roku Channels were. Thanks for explaining.