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Best Question-and-Answer Sites

Updated on March 17, 2012

There are quite many question-and-answer websites around the web nowadays, and more are coming each week.And searching the internet efficiently for your question can sometimes be time-consuming, and not as easy of a task as it may seem.So it´s easier to let someone to the work for you or in most cases, someone happens to know that already and decides to help you out.Or you like to help others, in which case you are a very good person.Or perhaps you would do both.And choosing your question-and-answer site is quite hard nowadays, there are many factors included, design of the site, the community, site owners, support, the question-and-answer system etc.To make your life a bit easier I have decided to make a list of what I consider to be the best question-and-answer websites around the Internet.

Stack Exchange logo
Stack Exchange logo | Source

Stack Exchange

Stackexchange is a network of question-and-answer sites with amazingly high quality answers for almost anything you can think of.From questions about quantum mechanics to baking, there is a wide variety of content in addition to their programming and IT answers.The site is best for those interested in anything that needs computers, for gamers, programmers, designers etc.It even has a separate page for web apps.Sometimes it takes a time before your question gets answered, however the answer is usually a lot more than expected.Answers are almost always high-quality and packed with very useful content.I highly recommend this site for those who are interested in programming and computers in general.

Clean and simple interface
Clean and simple interface | Source

Yahoo! Answers - The most popular question-and-answer site

Yahoo! Answers is the top website in term of traffic.After the new Google´s algorithm change, the rank of Yahoo answers to millions of keywords has increased.Due to which its traffic is increased significantly.If you need to know how to fold laundry or how to shrink a shirt, Yahoo! Answers provides a clean interface and a simple way to ask the question you need answered, thanks to its big user base the chance that you will get a helpful answer is quite high.However, sometimes someone will post total nonsense, that has nothing to do with the question on hand.Another bad thing is that there isn´t a possibility to attach pictures or videos.Overall Yahoo! Answers community consists of millions of people, who ask question and post helpful answers eac day.If there´s something you need an answer for quickly I would highly recommend the site.

Easy to navigate and helpful content.
Easy to navigate and helpful content. | Source

Also another site very much loved by Google´s search engine, mainly because it has some really useful content.It has a very simple and clean layout and asking is made very easy, answering those questions has been made easy as well.I personally find it sort of a slow place to get your question answered and often the answers are joking and unhelpful.However, some answers are very long filled with helpful info.The site has a special subdomain for videos, and the videos are often very interesting and useful to the viewer.Overall the site is quite good for both, asker and answerer in terms of quality and usability.

Active community and the possibility to make money.
Active community and the possibility to make money. | Source

Webanswers - The only one You can make money with.

Webanswers is a question-and-answer website, but not just a question-and-answer website, the thing that makes this one so cool is the ability to earn money via Google Adsense while asking and answering questions.However, don´t get excited, if you weren't planning on answering and asking questions at the first place, don´t decide to do that only on making money basis, because it takes time and effort to make money with Webanswers.If you decide to join the site, remember that quality is the key, if you want to make money there, posting pointless one sentence answers aren't usually going to help someone, so be helpful and post quality answer, and by doing so you´ll also make some money.When it comes for getting the info, you´ll get that, because all the answers are motivated to answer and earn, so it is a very good place to ask your question.Overall Webanswers is a great place where to ask and answer questions, since you will also be a bit more motivated.


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    • john7davis profile image

      john7davis 6 years ago

      Yes its true that some people don not take it seriously. Answering sites are meant to solve problems for the people and this whole thing should not go to fun. The sites listed above are good to get answers. Here are some other from where you can get answers to your questions

    • seriousnuts profile image

      seriousnuts 6 years ago from Philippines

      I agree with Cardisa. Yahoo Answers are filled with young people. They do not answer the questions seriously. There are also many rude answerers in the community.

      I do not know about Stackexchange. I love computers, I will check out the site soon.

      I recently joined Webanswers. It's a great website with a helpful community. I'm happy to see my adsense earnings adding up. You really have to put time and effort in answering the questions to earn money.

      Thanks for sharing this. Voted up.

    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 6 years ago from Jamaica

      I find Yahoo Answers is not what it used to be, I also find some of the answers quit rude. i used to be quite active but the questions are not as though provoking and technical any more. The community is filled with a lot of young people who just want to pass their time asking nonessential questions.