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The Best Samsung Galaxy S3 External Battery Packs and Cases

Updated on October 17, 2012
Juice pack, battery case and big power battery for the Samsung Galaxy S2
Juice pack, battery case and big power battery for the Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung have made a big effort to give users a smartphone that they can use all day. The S3 sports a 2100 mAh battery which stores almost twice the juice of an iPhone 5.

Is it enough?

If you never play games, watch movies or run apps in the background you will get certainly get through a full day. But how many people are this frugal?

Well, I know, I'm not!

So, here are some ways to avoid restricting your usage.

Best Options:

  • Battery Cases offer protection for your smartphone and have a built in battery (no wires, no hassle) but it is not always easy to find a style that you like.

  • Juice packs: these are rechargeable batteries you can hook up to your phone and many other devices like a tablet, Kindle or game console.

  • Big power batteries can nearly double the time between charges but are heavier and bulkier than the standard battery

  • Extra standard size batteries can be a useful back up for long trips.

  • Solar chargers: useful in sunny states, not so good in a Manitoba winter...

External Juice Packs

Astro Juice Pack
Astro Juice Pack

Astro 2

Juice packs like the popular Anker Astro (pictured right) are the most versatile option for recharging on the move. You use the USB cable provided and it is similar to hooking up for juice from a PC.

It will also charge all kinds of other devices like iPods and game consoles.

The Astro 2 is a powerful model with 8400 mAh onboard when fully charged. The dual USB ports mean you can charge two devices simultaneously

It should charge an Samsung Galaxy S3 two or three times from flat.

There is a useful flashlight feature too.

Good variety of adapters with the rugged Powergen
Good variety of adapters with the rugged Powergen

Powergen 8400 mAh Juice Pack

Powergen external batteries are especially rugged and stand up well to rough treatment.

A big plus is the wide variety of tips this brand is shipped with as standard- often with other makers you need to hunt around for connectors and cables for non USB devices.

The flat design means it will slip comfortably in most pockets.

Battery Cases

The S3 is still waiting for as a good a range of cases as the iPhone. There is no Mophie and no Rock case. These are the cases that are available.

Chromo Inc. 3200mAh Battery Case

3200mAh is a respectable amount of juice and will more than double the battery life of an S3.

It is lightweight at less than 3 ounces.

The design is unusual and appealing in an unsymmetrical way.

The case is available in white as well as black,

Like the Khomo case, above, it is expensive at close to one hundred dollars.

KHOMO Battery Case

At just a few ounces, the KHOMO case delivers a useful 2400 mAh of juice, effectively doubling the time between charging.

KHOMO are best known for their iPad cases and deliver quality products with attention to detail.

This is their first non-Apple venture and a good solid case. More of a color choice would make it even better.

Backcover from Hyperion.
Backcover from Hyperion.

Big Battery Power for the Samsung GalaxyS3: QCell, Hyperion, Anker

Three makers are now offering double-size batteries for the S3.

QCell, Hyperion and Anker are all producing a 4200 mAh battery that doubles use time.

Each will add some bulk to your phone and you will need to use a special back cover to accommodate the bigger-than-standard battery. This will discourage some people but it is an easy way to get through a busy day.

Cases compatible with QCell and Anker batteries for the S3
Cases compatible with QCell and Anker batteries for the S3

Other Back Covers Compatible with Double-sized Batteries

There are a number of cases that will accommodate the fatter battery from QCell or Anker. Some are TPU, some polycarbonate.

Hyperion offer a thin TPU case with honeycomb motif in plenty of different colors. This will work with Hyperion's own double sized batteries or with the QCell.

Batterys and charger for the S3
Batterys and charger for the S3

Hyperion Standard Size Extra Batteries and Charger

Hyperion make a 4200 mAh battery, as mentioned above..

They also make standard sized batteries which can be useful to carry for emergencies or on long trips.

The advantage is that you can use any case that you like, Or none at all.

The price for two batteries with a travel charger is a reasonable twenty dollars.


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