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Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Waterproof Cases

Updated on June 23, 2012
Best Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases
Best Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases

With their release of the Galaxy S3, Samsung has established itself as a top player in the mobile phone technology arena. Preorders reached a staggering 9 million prior to its anticipated release date—a figure that took the iPhone 4 almost a year to achieve after it was released. The overwhelming popularity of the Galaxy S3 caused several logistical issues for service providers and forced delays in actually getting them to customers.

What makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 such a hot item? For starters, it offers features that very few of the competing smartphones can. Samsung’s latest Android interface is an excellent option for power users who like to heavily customize their settings. The large 4.8 inch touch screen is also an impressive bonus. Samsung has also introduced several new and exciting apps such S-Voice which is a voice activated interface similar to Apple’s Siri. The newest Samsung also boasts an impressive 8 megapixel camera for recording sharp images and HD videos. The Galaxy S3 has definitely raised the bar on smartphone technology.

Protecting Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives and we are compelled to take them everywhere. If you are one of the millions of new Samsung Galaxy S3 owners, you undoubtedly are concerned about keeping your investment safe from environmental hazards such as water, mud and sand. Waterproof cases are essential for users with active or outdoor lifestyles. Safely take your Galaxy S3 anywhere without fear of damage or corrosion by using any of the quality waterproof cases reviewed here.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Waterproof Cases

Here is a list of some of the best waterproof cases to help protect your new Galaxy S3 from unnecessary damage:

1 - iOttie Waterproof Skin Case Cover

This iOttie case offers light-weight protection for your smartphone and is 100% waterproof without hampering the ability to normally access the phone’s touch-screen functionality. This skin also features 98% transparency which allows for near perfect quality camera use, even under water. This case also offers tough protection from other abrasive elements such as sand, rocks and dirt. This iOttie waterproof case proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style for excellent protection. If you are an avid outdoorsman, work or play near water, or just simply want all-weather protection, the iOttie Waterproof Skin Case Cover is an excellent choice for peace of mind.

2 – Overboard Galaxy S3 Waterproof Case

The Overboard S3 case does a wonderful job protecting your phone from liquid hazards. It is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time around water such as pools, rivers and lakes. This case is more pouch-like and is very easy to insert and remove your smartphone. It comes with a lanyard for easy carrying, even in swimsuits. The manufacturer guarantees that the case is fully waterproof up to 19 feet deep, although I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to use it that far under water. The back of the case is clear to allow for camera use in otherwise hazardous conditions. This case may not offer the snug fit of the iOttie, but it still allows good functionality of the phone’s touch-screen features. All-in-all, the Overboard S3 case is a smart choice for those hassle-free trips to the pool or beach.

3 – Aquapac Handheld Waterproof Case

The Aquapac waterproof case does an amazing job protecting your Galaxy S3 from the elements. It is another pouch-style case that features Velcro and snap fasteners which provide 100% waterproof protection up to 15 feet. It also offers solid protection against other foreign debris such as dust, dirt, sand and mud. A cool feature with this case is that it has air pockets that allow it to float if dropped in water, making it easier to recover. It has also been manufactured to block harmful UV rays and the harshness of saltwater. This case is also versatile. It can also be used for your favorite MP3 player, small cameras and other smartphone brands. The one drawback to this case is that it has not been optimized for camera use. If taking pictures underwater is not high on your priority list, then the Aquapac Handheld Waterproof Case is another great option that will offer top-notch protection for your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S: A Comparison

The Bottom Line

We rely heavily on the convenience and functionality of our smartphones today and it is important that we do what we can to protect our investment. The Samsung Galaxy S3 can do a lot of amazing things, but one thing it can’t do is magically protect itself from the elements. All weather protection is a must for anyone who steps out of their front door with any type of modern technology. We all are aware that technology usually has a short lifecycle, but we don’t want it to be shortened prematurely. Do the smart thing and ensure you get the most out of your new Galaxy S3 by protecting it with any of the top waterproof cases reviewed here.


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