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Best Search Engines - Google and the others...

Updated on April 16, 2012

Search Engines

Everyday a new Search Engine (SE) it is brought into existence and another one dies almost at the same time.

This happen mainly because every SE needs to have huge amounts of sites in their database in order to give the best results possible and also to attract lots of traffic to be able to generate profits from their advertisers.

Every time someone search for a specific word or phrase the SE will search on its index database and give what should be the best results for the keyword.

Different search engines give different results and this is why people tend to like those SE which gave them the best results for what they were looking for.

Photo by florinf @
Photo by florinf @


It is irrefutable that Google gets more votes than any other SE but this does not mean it is the best one. For some reason there are people who prefer Yahoo because they feel that the results given are much more related with what they were searching.

There are also those you would say that they rather search on Bing, Ask, Cuil or even on any other SE out there.

I can only say that I use almost all of them depending on what I am looking for. I have 15 different search engines on my Firefox search bar and one time or another I have used each and everyone of them.

There are even those who choose their preferred SE by its capability for fast indexing of their own websites and they will do everything possible to get them indexed and well ranked in order to receive great amounts of traffic.

Photos by mmagallan and some_bo @
Photos by mmagallan and some_bo @

How it works

Search engines work by storing information about a multiplicity of web pages which they recover from the WideWorldWeb itself. These pages are retrieved by a web crawler (also known as a spider) which is an automated web browser that follows every link it finds.

The content of each page it is then analyzed to determine how it should be indexed (for example: words are extracted from the titles, headings, or special fields called "meta tags").

At this stage SE are helped by the presence of a "site map" file which show every single link on that particular website.

Data about web pages are stored in the index database for use in later queries. It is from this index that the SE will find related sites to the searched keywords and hopefully return the web sites that we were looking for.


Make your choice

Which is your favorite Search Engine?

See results


I usually search for every keyword on several of the available SE to assure I will find the results I really searched for.

And same as lots of people I also tend to agree that Google gives me the best results for the majority of keywords I searched for.


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    • dosters profile image


      8 years ago from Chicago

      Good info here. I wrote a hub where I did my own comparison here:

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I like duck, duck go!

    • funride profile imageAUTHOR

      Ricardo Nunes 

      9 years ago from Portugal

      Eheheh, Ok, Ok, I see you`re a Google fan... and as I stated above I also believe that google gives me the best results for the majority of keywords I searched for. But it´s also true that since I started to receive more traffic from yahoo my adsense earnings had a big growth so I began to also give attention to yahoo.

    • packerpack profile image

      Om Prakash Singh 

      9 years ago from India, Calcutta

      Google Google Google any only Google. For me it is Google anytime. Not only because it is best in business but also because it offers so many services and tool to webmaster for free. Those tools are really very helpful for all who write and maintain blogs on their own.

      This is a good Hub. I too have written a Hub on the ways to find best search engine. The Hub title is "How to find the best search engine". Have a look

    • foodstorage profile image


      9 years ago from Utah

      Sounds interesting. I'll definitely have to check it out.

    • funride profile imageAUTHOR

      Ricardo Nunes 

      10 years ago from Portugal

      Of course it is OK and I speak for myself when I say that I never seen Hubpages as a place for competitions so I would love to read your hub answering the same request and learn a little more about search engines from you. That´s the main objective of HP: share knowledge!

    • Lea^ profile image

      Lea Smith 

      10 years ago

      Sure, you can add the info; nice of you to ask. I may also write something on this subject later. Is it OK for us to do that?

    • funride profile imageAUTHOR

      Ricardo Nunes 

      10 years ago from Portugal

      MrMarmalade - It´s always a great feeling having you on one of my hubs, thanks.

      Lea^ - Thank you for commenting and for your valuable suggestion which I will add to this hub with your permission.

    • Lea^ profile image

      Lea Smith 

      10 years ago

      Goodsearch gives money to the charity of your choice.

      I also like Dogpile because it uses multiple search engines to find what you're looking for. It's fun to see how they dress the dog on their site as well :] lets you use a question or sentence to search which is more user-friendly for beginners.

    • MrMarmalade profile image


      10 years ago from Sydney

      Thank you heaps for this great piece of information


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