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Best Sustainable Agriculture Blogs

Updated on June 2, 2011

Sustainable agriculture blogs are a great way to keep in touch with the latest news in farm and food policy, connect with producers, and learn about sustainable techniques and traditions.

The Ethicurean: Chew the Right Thing

The Ethicurean has become my single favorite sustainable agriculture blog. It has a great collection of writers who post about a wide variety of sustainable agriculture topics, with a focus on food politics and how they affect both the producer and the consumer. In addition to well written, informative posts, The Ethicurean also offers regular news round-ups that make it easy to keep up on the latest news in the world of sustainable (and not-so-sustainable) agriculture.

Obama Foodorama

A more recent addition to the sustainable agriculture blogosphere, the Obama Foodorama talks food and Barack Obama. All aspects of food and Barack Obama. That includes both thorough and informative duscussions of Obama's food and farm policy... and coverage of the truly astonishing array of food products named and/or decorated in honor of President Obama.

Entertaining and informative. Good work, folks!

Heirloom Tomatoes at the Farmer's Market, by jillclardy
Heirloom Tomatoes at the Farmer's Market, by jillclardy

Little Homestead in the City

Switching gears a little, from food politics to food producers, Little Homestead in the City is the official blog of the astonishing Dervaes family, who grow over 6,000 pounds of organic produce every year on a 1/5 acre lot in the middle of urban Pasadena. In addition to their urban homesteading activities, the Dervaes family is also unusually web savvy, and run, in addition to their blog, a webring that includes an ecommerce store selling practical goods for homesteaders (The Peddler's Wagon) and gardeners and a gardening-based social network (Freedom Gardens).

The Dervaes family is also focus of a documentary film called Home Grown:

Home Grown Trailer


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    • profile image

      venkat 5 years ago

      I need some information. I want to cultivate some plants that can grow and can give good profit after some years in the form of wood even is also good. The soil here doesn't have any water facility..

    • profile image

      Windsor 5 years ago

      This is an Excellent information for anyone is the farming industry . Pls give me some basic information about farm and agriculture tool.

    • profile image

      Shire 7 years ago

      Since I am in the sector, blogs relating to agriculture do concern me and I hope to get some necessarily vital insights.

    • profile image

      Deysia Dundas 7 years ago

      There's actually a documentary film being made now on sustainable agriculture and the food crisis in Haiti. They have a really cool Intro Video at

    • profile image

      Gourmet salts 8 years ago

      Enjoyed this blog thanks – good work!

    • MindField profile image

      MindField 8 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Brilliant! I can't wait to explore these blogs in more detail and thank you for introducing me to them. I'm particularly fascinated by the Dervaes family.

      I'm also interested in an idea that, no doubt, someone has thought of before me. That is: I have a very large backyard, unlandscaped. I do not have the wherewithal to turn it into an organic garden but out there somewhere is surely someone who does. Wouldn't it be great to trade land for food?