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Best Symbian S60 5th Apps 2011

Updated on April 9, 2011

With the growing community of android and iPhone users, many Symbian owners are feeling left out and behind in the mobile communications world.  Even though the limitations that Symbian phones have prevent many people from doing this things their android and iPhone cousins are enjoying, Symbian phones are a cheaper alternative to those products that can deliver many basic, similar functions.  You just have to know what apps to get.  Finding the right apps your your Symbian is tricky at first.  You may find apps that may not work that well, or work at all because the hardware the software was developed for may not be similar to your Symbian device.   

If you find yourself with a Symbian phone, you can still do a lot of the great things on the device. I have had a Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro and have been looking for the apps that run the best on my device.  You can do all the same social networking, email, instant messaging and browsing on a Symbian device, but it may not have all the flashy effects the other devices provide.  All of the symbian apps listed are all free symbian apps that you can find online to download.


This is probably the best browser you can find for Symbian. It is super quick and has a very bright, attractive, clear view of any webpage. The start-up is lag free and you can freely surf anywhere with ease. If your symbian device has a touchscreen, you can slide your finger around to explore a webpage too big for the device.


I didn't like the default SMS on my Symbian device, so I looked for a better one.  The default one was laggy and didn't make use of the touch flow many "newer" Symbian devices can do.  Now did it have that chat like style window that iPhones have so you could view the whole conversation without having to leave the send SMS screen.  There was a Coversations app, but it was too slow to load.  i-SMS is a fast loading SMS app that has that iPhone style messages screen.  You can touch flow through your past messages and you can leave the app open to let it deal with incoming messages.  


If you are part of the millions of people who have a Gmail account, this app would be necessary. You can load you emails quickly and reply anywhere you bring your phone.  The communication is real time, so there are no delays in your emails.   


Now this app really shows the capabilities of Symbian devices.  It is a streaming application where you can create a live show right from your Symbian phone.  When you start a live streaming show, it will give you a URL link to where it is streaming to.  Then you can embed that link to your websites, blogs or even social networks like Facebook.  It is a very cool and engaging app that has a lot of potential.   


This is a great social networking app for Symbian phones where you can have you Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare all in one convenient place on your Symbian device.  It is a very attractive app, which does have a little lag, but not too much.  It works very well when there is not more than one other app open and running.


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