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Best Tablet PC 2016

Updated on November 13, 2015

The problem with notebooks and laptops are that they are too unwieldy to be carried around with you. Two much more mobile options have emerged to fill the need for mobile computing. The netbook and tablet PCs.

Had you asked me in 2009, I would have recommended going with a netbook, but the release of Apple's Ipad in 2011 has been a giant technological leap forward for tablet PCs, taking the whole industry forward with it.

In best tablet PC 2016 we are going to review some of the top new tablet PCs on the market.

Best selling tablet PC of 2016
Best selling tablet PC of 2016

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is a great device that is specifically design to satisfy basic computing needs. It has a 9.7 inch backlit display. The screen has a resolution of 1024 x 768, 132 ppi and is multitouch enabled. The screen of the device is extremely responsive. The operating system for the iPad is the same as that used in the iPhone and iPod. This ensures compatibility with various iPod and iPhone applications.

The iPad provides great support for web browsing and emailing using the Wi-Fi. The built-in Safari browser allows quick loading of web pages. This makes web browsing a very enjoyable experience. The device also has ample support for light word processing through the inclusion of iWorks. However if you ant to use the iPad for extensive typing work, it is better to use it with a blue tooth keyboard or keyboard dock. The device also provides more than enough support for video viewing, playing games and listening music. It is a very powerful device that has the ability and potential to replace laptops for the usual mundane tasks.

The battery life of the device is also very impressive. It gives you 10 hours of web surfing or active use and the charge holds for a month if you don't use it.

A small yet powerful device.

Asus Eee PC T101MT-EU17-BK

The T101MT-EU17-BK is a hybrid tablet and netbook from the number one netbook company ASUS.

It delivers great quality with ease of use and portability. The 8.9 inch screen is back-lit and multi-touch enabled. It comes with windows 7 with multi-gesture support. The touch system is further enhanced and optimized via Eee PC touch suite. The versatile folding design is compact and lightweight. It also comes with built-in ergonomic stylus that provides added precision.

This device is design to be energy efficient. The Intel Atom processor provides long haul energy-efficient processing. The screen is also designed to use less energy for longer use. ASUS Super Hybrid Engine saves battery life and boosts performance. The long life batteries provide 5 hours of use before you need to recharge.

The Netbook has an integrated camera and microphone for video chat. It also has 532 GB of reliable hybrid storage.

In short it is a good multi-purpose mobile companion that is totally capable of catering to all of your needs on the go.


This is a powerful netbook from Lenovo. The design of the netbook is extremely polished. This device is considered to be a 'multi-touch convertible tablet'. This is due to the swivel screen that turns 180 degrees and folds up to complete the tablet PC look. The 10.1 inch screen has a glossy finish and is very clear and well lit . Despite the very PC feel of the package, it is just an inch thick.

The netbook comes with the windows 7 operating system. This allows you to enjoy the full functionality on offer by this device. The Natural Touch panel enables the device to respond to the lightest touch. The other very important feature, is the Direct Share feature. This application provides easy synchronization functionality. Also as the name indicates it enable the user to share files with other devices without having to copy anything.

This is a powerful little device that has a 1.66 GHz Atom processor and 1 GB of RAM. As it comes with a 250 GB hard drive this little device has the ability to store quite a lot of data. Also the quick start 2.0 application allows powerful internet connectivity.

The Lenovo is a decent tablet, but I prefer the ASUS.

Archos 9 PC Tablet

The Archos dominated the tablet PC market before the Ipad came along.

It is an extremely compact little PC. The tablet PC comes with windows 7 which helps it avoid compatibility issues. The screen is very clear and easy to look at. The device carries out tasks like watching movies, web browsing and emailing with ease.

The PC also allows you to attach an external keyboard. The device has an Atom processor and 1 GB RAM. The hard drive of the PC is 60 GB. It also has a built-in web cam, which enables video chatting. The battery life of the PC is between 2.5 to 5 hours.

The PC can take longer than the average time to boto due to smaller RAM size.

A strong device that enables mobility with basic PC functionality.

If you enjoyed reading best tablet PC 2016 you should also check out top 10 netbooks 2016 and best blackberry 2016.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      What about the other big Android Tablets such as the Galaxy Tab, Adam Notion and Motorola Xoom. These are some serious competitors for the iPad instead of Asus, in my opinion...

    • Rev. Akins profile image

      Rev. Akins 

      7 years ago from Tucson, AZ

      Great analysis, and I would be curious what you have to say as more and more companies come out with their own product. I just read that DELL is coming out with one as well and many are using the ANDROID OS. Thanks for the information!


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