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Best looking Themes For Linux (kde skin)

Updated on September 28, 2010

Theming made easy

The most interesting fact about Linux is that it is infinitely configurable unlike any other operating systems. So when it comes to appearance tweaks, linux stands first with the most numer of themes and related modification facilities. Switching to linux may due to the passion in theming the OS desktop, as far as lot of newbies are concerned. When I first heard about Linux, I just hated it. Because I have little knowledge. Then I started watching Linux videos and demonstrations, tutorials and many more about linux. Then I fell in love with the beauty of linux, which can only be achieved if you are reasy to perfrom some small scale or large scale tweaks. You need not know about all the shell commands or codes to make your linux desktop appealing. You can do this as easy as dragging and dropping a file from one window to another.

Desktop Environments

Some of the best looking Linux Desktop Environments are :-

  • Gnome

  • KDE

  • XCFE

These are famous desktop environmenst for its user-friendliness and flexibility. Most linux distributions come with gnome or KDE package installed on it. So tweaking a Gnome desktop environment needs its own theme packages. Similarly, the themes packages are different for different desktop environments. Consequently, their file extensions also vary. So selecting the best theme packages provide you an appealing desktop. So let us start with gnome.

Where To Get Themes?

Visit This site is a repository for a large number of themes and appearance tweaking packages. People from all over the world use to submit their self coded themes and packages to this directory as soon as they finish their work. Because, linux is all about sharing for the common cause and use. You can download a theme package as a set of desktop themes, window managers, icon sets, scripts, etc. You can do the same thing individually. If you need only an icon theme, then you can select the icons category to browse through the themes and download your favourite ones.

If you are using KDE, then there is It contains the themes for your KDE powered desktop. Both the sites are similarly laid out and thus it is easy to find out and download cool themes after taking a look at the available previews. Apart from your desktop themes, you would be able to download a wide variety of skins for various applications individually. Just like skins of amarok music player, audacious, nautilus scripts, colour schemes, screensavers and a lot more. The are enriched with a lot of stuffs that you don't even know about. Just browse through them and download the liked ones.

Go, build an eyecandy desktop!!!


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