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Touch Screen Software

Updated on March 28, 2010

Top 10 Touch Screen Software

Touch screen software is becoming much more advanced. With falling prices of hardware, the technology is finally becoming much more accessible.
Here is a top 10 most innovative, fun and awesome touch screen applications:

10. Incubator prototype from Hush studios

This touch screen software allows you to explore and control a vehicle features in a simple user experience. It even comes with software for the iPhone to control it as a remote touch-pad.

9. Perceptive pixel

This is a prototype made by Jeff Han. He's a research scientist at New York University and one of the pioneers in the multi-touch technology.
Jeff is also famous for his "Magic Wall" he developed later ad was used on CNN's Election Center coverage, but this is much cooler.
Jeff also founded Perceptive Pixel, with intention to create the most advanced multi-touch system in the world.

Minority report the movie

8. Minority Report

First seen as a special effect in Spielberg's Minority Report, this technology is now being used in various installments.

Minority Report effects at CeBIT 2008

7. iBeer 2.0

Available from Apple's App Store on your iPhone and iPod touch.
I love the prototype. Can't wait for the real thing. ;)

6. iTable

This is iTable. More know for their multi touch Warcraft III, powered by PQ Labs software.
It can also work with phones. Just place your iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile on it and you can synchronize music, pictures, videos and other data.

5. iBar

Touch screen software put to good use. :) In 10-meter long, interactive bar. Can recognize glasses, cups, cards, keys and even fingers.

4. Multi-touch software for the Wiimote

Johnny Chung Lee demonstrates one of the cheapest methods to create a DIY multi touch white board using only Nintendo Wii remote, an infrared pen and his multi touch software.

3. Nindendo DS games

A pioneer in touch screen gaming, Nintendo's originality always kept them ahead of competition.
Without multi-touch support, low processing power and only average quality of the touch screen, "WarioWare: Touched!" and many other Nintendo DS titles prove, touch screen technology starts with good software.

2. Touch Gate Software bundled with ASUS Eee PC T91

Touch Gate Software, that comes bundled with ASUS Eee PC T91 netbook, is an attractive alternative to standard Windows desktop environment. It allows Finger friendly browsing, several cool apps as well as support for adding Yahoo Widgets, like Weather Forecast or RSS readers.

1. BumpTop

And the winner is - BumpTop

BumpTop is a 3D desktop replacement. It not only looks awesome, but can actually brings productivity to your desktop. New concepts, like piles and walls, allow easy alternatives to organizing your files.
BumpTop's list of features has been growing rapidly, since it's release in April 2009 and on October BumpTop added touch screen software support.
But BumpTop goes beyond the standard pan and zoom gestures, bringing innovative new gestures like scrunch, shove and flip. BumpTop is available for Windows and Mac and comes in Free and Pro versions.

What do you think?

What is the best touch screen software?

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Do you know of any other cool touch screen software?

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    • profile image

      Alpay Kasal 8 years ago

      @Acai Drinks, the hardware is no longer the primary cost in building custom touch surfaces, it is software development. When i developed the Interactive Mirror (and all my projects) I like to stick with Flash as a dev platform because the talent is readily available. There has been a couple of times I needed a realtime 3D engine and it got pricey to find Blender artists (which would probably be Unity3D now that it's popularity is rising). In addition, sticking with a popular dev platform like Flash means updates and repurposing of hardware becomes a more viable option.

    • Acai Drinks profile image

      Acai Drinks 8 years ago

      Love the ibar, but I wonder about the cost effectiveness of the product and the roi. Great and interesting post.

    • Touch Screen profile image

      Touch Screen 8 years ago

      If you want to get the technophobes using technology, you have to create a natural interface and that's what touch screen technology is doing. Anyone knows how to press a button or move a slider, no learning required. Clicking with a mouse (just don't get me started talking about double-clicking), on the other hand, is not very intuitive.


      I guess, I can't hide I'm a BumpTop fan. :) My desktop was a mess before I found it...

    • EasyCardTricks profile image

      EasyCardTricks 8 years ago

      I love this article - this is the sort of stuff that is just too informative. I really enjoy seeing articles of this quality on the internet. Keep up the good work.

    • 3 Day-Detox profile image

      3 Day-Detox 8 years ago

      BumpTop is just cool -- plain and simple. Having said that, I'm a CNN viewer and have been more than impressed with what they have done with Han's software. When you think in terms of what you want touchscreen software to do, I think it is the perfect illustration. So simple even a news anchor can use it. lol Bumptop is fun to work with and great software, just not quite in the same league as Perceptive Pixel. IMHO