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Best USB Mic Under $100.00

Updated on August 12, 2013
AT2020 USB
AT2020 USB
AT Usb Mic
AT Usb Mic
Usb At2020
Usb At2020
Best Usb Mic on the Market
Best Usb Mic on the Market

Quality Usb Mic

AT2020 USB Condenser Mic

As a music production mentor from time to time I have students that ask about quality mics and which is the most bang for the buck in the $80-$100 price range There are a lot of good quality mics that will get the job done when it comes to recording tracks but most of them require preamps and phantom power (most preamps have phantom power).. The AT2020 USB was made for voice overs, home recording and of course pod casting. I use the AT2020 for recoding hooks over my tracks (beats)..

The usb mic is flooded with Samson usb mics (they really capitalized on the market) but let me be 100% honest with you.. None of them sound as good or are as durable as the AT2020 USB.

The AT2020 USB is a cardioid mic like the original AT2020, it comes with a carrying case (soft pouch) as well as a small desktop mic stand... If you bump your desk a lot or have a noisy machine I would recommend getting a better mount for the mic because the mic pics everything up. On the other hand if you don't have issue bumping your desk and your machine is pretty quiet you'll be fine.

What do I use the AT2020 USB for?

  • Recording vocals

  • Recording sounds

  • Sound Designing

  • Pod casting

  • Voice Overs

I guess I could have just said recording but I wanted you to know exactly what I'm recording and for what reason. See a lot of people will tell you a mic is good but that's means nothing it mic be a good mic for recording bass or female vocals or just cheap web pod casting.

I do professional work for the following companies


Native Instruments


I love this mic most because its USB & its quality! I no longer need to drag my mic and preamp with me to family get events etc nor do I have to record OK ideas on my laptops internal mic and then go back and redo them. I can just plug this little guy in and I’m done...

They were charging $149.-$199.00 this USB mic but now you can get it for under $100.00


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    • profile image

      Ghost Producer 5 years ago

      ^ It's a great mic, if you haven't purchased one yet I suggest giving it a little run

    • profile image

      Marcus 5 years ago

      Interesting, I hadn't considered the Audio Technica USB mic when writing my review (

    • profile image

      ipod touch 4g review 6 years ago

      I actually purchased this mic based on your review.. It's actually a lot better quality than the original non usb version.