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Best iPhone 4 Waterproof Cases

Updated on June 23, 2012
Waterproof iPhone 4 Cases
Waterproof iPhone 4 Cases

You can't deny it! The smartphone has become a dominating factor in the social lives of people all over the world. We can’t go anywhere or do anything without carrying a smartphone along to jump online, text or call a friend at a moment’s notice. Even the toilet is no longer exempt from the digitally social world of its users. Recent statistics show that over 40% of smartphone users use their phones in the bathroom. As we attempt to stay connected through every aspect of our lives, even the most personal, we have to think about protecting our mobile electronic leash from damage when it is in such close proximity to plumbing and water works.

How many stories have you heard about the unlucky guy who goes to the bathroom to take care of his business and only to face the horror of accidentally dropping his iPhone into the toilet? Believe it or not, it happens all the time. Thankfully, there are several great options for keeping your iPhone 4 waterproof in case of disasters like this. As a matter of fact, you could even shower with these iPhone 4 waterproof cases so you never have to be out of the loop. Come on, you know you would if you could! Well now you can.

Top 5 Best iPhone 4 Waterproof Cases

Here are some of the best iPhone 4 waterproof cases to protect your investment:

1 - LifeProof iPhone 4 Underwater Waterproof Ultra Slim Carrying Case

The LifeProof iPhone 4 waterproof case is perfect for damp, wet environments. It features a very slim design that does not interfere with normal iPhone operation, yet is rugged enough for outdoor use. Not only is it completely waterproof, but it is also sand proof making it another great option for beach-goers and swimmers. The screen protector does not hinder the sensitivity of the touch-screen and the case is lightweight, not bulky like other waterproof cases. There is an optional adapter that allows for use with several connection types. The LifeProof iPhone 4 Underwater Waterproof Ultra Slim Case is a great overall case that offers a high level of protection.

User Review by looneytoon:

Few innovations have changed my life like this case. I took a conference call while kayaking…” Read more

LifeProof iPhone 4 Waterproof Case Video Review

2 - Aquapac Mini Whanganui Waterproof iPhone 4 Case

Aquapac’s waterproof case for the iPhone 4 does an outstanding job of protection from water and other elements while retaining full functionality. Whether it’s in the shower, jet skiing on the ocean, mud-bogging with the boys, or caught in an unexpected downpour during a bike ride, this case will have your iPhone covered. Some customers have complained that it is too difficult to get the iPhone into the case, but this is due to the friction caused by rubbing plastic against plastic. The simple way to fix this problem is to insert the iPhone into the case opening and blow behind it to expand the material. Then with just a little shake, the iPhone will drop into the case without a hitch. The snug fit ensures smooth control of the touch-screen and full utilization of all of the iPhone 4 features. This case is also great for divers who love to take photos underwater with the iPhone 4’s camera. Simply a great product that does a superb job keeping your iPhone 4 waterproof and dirt free.

User review by S.Fisher:

“If AquaPac were smart they'd sell this everywhere customers might want/need to bring their phones near/on water…” Read more

3 - XGear Liquid Shield Waterproof Hard Case for iPhone 4/4S

XGear has produced one of the best waterproof iPhone 4 cases on the market. The Liquid Shield Hard Case does an excellent job living up to its name as it shields your device from water, dirt, sand and any other type of destructive material you may come in contact with. The unique thing about this case is that it is the only one with a 2-1 design that also includes a polycarbonate inner case that is perfect for everyday use. Just like the other waterproof iPhone cases reviewed, the Liquid Shield is a fantastic option for all-around outdoor use. It features a Play-Thru design that lets you use the touch-screen without any interference. This cover is guaranteed to keep your iPhone waterproof up to a depth of 9 feet, allowing the opportunity to use the camera function for stunning underwater photos with great detail and clarity. The Liquid Shield Waterproof Case for the iPhone 4 is a winner at a great price.

User Review by Kenneth Green:

“We are in our Maui condo and I wanted to take videos while snorkeling…”

XGear Liquid Shield Waterproof Phone 4 Case Video Review

4 - Dry Case Waterproof Case for iPhone 4

The Dry Case Waterproof Case for the iPhone 4 does just what its name implies. It keeps your iPhone completely dry in any number of situations. You can use it in the shower, at the beach or take it fishing out on the lake. You will be able to enjoy all of your outdoor activities without the worry of ruining your smartphone. This case has a very nice vacuum seal that makes it extremely easy to utilize the touch-screen features; however there is a drawback in that it makes it a little harder to hear when in speakerphone mode. This case is also useable for any iPod Touch devices you may have. The Dry Case is a little thicker than other waterproof case options, but it is tough and it is completely water-tight. If you spend a lot of time outdoors with your iPhone 4, get the Dry Case. It is a fabulous waterproof case that will put your mind at ease.

User Review by M. Demner:

“The kids can't get it wet! My youngest can text to her hearts delight through the clear Dry Case covering…”

5 - Overboard Waterproof Case for iPhone 4

If you ever find yourself needing to make a call when you are soaking wet, then you’ll want the Overboard Waterproof Case for the iPhone 4. This nice little cover is manufactured from soft matte PVC and features a transparent front for easy access to the touch-screen. This case utilizes a slide-seal system to ensure your smartphone stays completely dry and protected. This case is not quite as rugged as some of the other brands mentioned above, so it may not be suitable for adventurous activities. However, this Overboard waterproof iPhone 4 case is great for listening to tunes or making calls around the pool or in the shower. I will admit, this product may not be quite as stylish as some of the other models, but it is water-tight and is a great bargain for casual use in wet or sandy environments. If you need good iPhone protection around the house or at the hotel, the Overboard Waterproof Case for the iPhone 4 will fit the bill.

User Review by KC Matt23:

“I spend a lot of time in my pool and I need to be able to answer my phone…”

Best Waterproof iPhone 4 Cases
Best Waterproof iPhone 4 Cases

The Bottom Line

Waterproof iPhone 4 cases are literally a must for anyone who wishes to use their device in the vicinity of any water source. Water, dirt and sand can cause irreparable damage to an iPhone’s delicate electronic circuitry and turn your expensive smartphone into a very expensive paperweight. Don’t jeopardize your iPhone 4 by leaving it unprotected! You can protect your investment with any one of these high quality waterproof cases and be able to enjoy your favorite activities without the worry of damaging your iPhone.


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    • Everyday Green profile image

      Everyday Green 5 years ago from Michigan

      These are all great choices if a hard case is really what you want. If you'd rather be able to use the phone without having to take it out of the case check out the offering by liquipel, They have a new nano coating that protects the phone from liquid exposure.

    • GAbaptist profile image

      GAbaptist 5 years ago from Alaska

      Thanks HotelTravel, I am glad you found the information useful and thanks for the vote up!

    • hoteltravel profile image

      hoteltravel 5 years ago from Thailand

      Very useful hub. Thanks for sharing. Voted up and useful.