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Best iPhone 5 Apps - Top 5 New Applications For iPhone 5

Updated on July 11, 2011

Although the iPhone 5 isn't out yet and the actual announcement of when (because there is a when) has yet to be made, there is still a lot of buzz around what kind of features, specifications, and apps that device will have. iPhone 5 apps are the biggest concern when it comes to successfully creating a new iPhone that is that much better than the iPhone 5.

Luckily there are already numerous iPhone 4 apps that are built and ready for a transition onto a new powerful device. So when calculating and deciding what the best iPhone 5 apps are, it's important to take into account the already great iPhone 4 apps that have the much potential and room to grow - room to become one of the top iPhone 5 applications.

Some of you may say, "There already is an iPhone 5. The Verizon iPhone". While the Verizon iPhone is a bit different than the iPhone 4 it's better it be called the iPhone 4.1, rather than the iPhone 5.

With that in mind here is a list of the best iPhone 5 apps, the best iPhone 4 apps for iPhone 5 and the top 5 upcoming applications for iPhone 5:


Trip Journal

One of the apps for iPhone 5 that I'm most excited for is the update version of Trip Journal.  Trip Journal already is one of the best iPhone 4 apps, multitasking GPS with various other traveling features, like currency and hot destinations. 

Now imagine this app on the iPhone 5's faster processor, incredible voice control and larger screen?

One rumor whirling around about this best new upcoming iPhone 5 application is that a lot of it will be voice activated.  Imagine, while your out traveling, to be able to just say something into your phone (like an address, or something you want to see) and instantly the app will show you information. 

This is will be one of the best iPhone 5 apps, hands-down. 


I can't even imagine how much better EverNote will be one the iPhone 5.  This is one of the bestselling iPhone 4 apps - and for good reason.  This app allows you to remember absolutely everything, from photos, webpages, emails, text messages.  It's like an added lobe to your brain; it frees  up extra space for you too. 

But why will this be one of the top iPhone 5 apps?  If the iPhone 5 software is going to be better than things like multi-tasking and storage will be too.  I expect you'll be able to share EverNote more, over hundreds of systems at once.  It will be the greatest opensource project ever. 

Infinity Blade - The Future of iPhone 5 Games

Infinity Blade took what we thought a game could look like on the iPhone and, well, blew us away.  The graphics were amazing, the control sublime, the characters, the... everything amazing. 

Now imagine Infinity Blade - or a game like it - on iPhone 5.

If there's one thing about iPhone 5 apps that's going to differ from iPhone 4 apps it's the quality of games.  iPhone 5 games will have so much better graphics, control and innovation that they will spark a new era of gaming.  It's going to be incredible to watch. 

iPhone 5 Music Apps

Look to see iPhone 4 app favorite like Pandora and Slacker to get big updates when the iPhone 5 comes out.  

What to expect:

  • Faster and easier access to free songs
  • A more social aspect.  Comment on songs, record your own songs, kind of like a iPhone 5 Music YouTube
  • More video support
  • Live concerts
  • More interactive 


Now you might laugh but I think one of the best apps for iPhone 5, one of top iPhone 5 applications, is going to be Yelp or an alternative to it.

What is Yelp? Yelp is an iPhone app that, using GPS, tells you everything - and I mean everything - that is around you. This includes restaurants, movie theaters, bars, arenas, library... everything.

This will be one of the best iPhone 5 apps because, with the new processor, and software, there should be things like live video of the different venues, menus for restaurants, ability to order movie tickets and even live streaming of music events.

How cool would that be if you get a preview of a band at a local bar before you actually go?

This will be one of the best iPhone 5 apps.



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