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Best iPhone Apps

Updated on December 31, 2008

iPhone is a powerful machine with it's powerful processor. The great multi-touch screen and wi-fi gives the developers ability to create applications only limited by their imagination. Those are one of the best iPhone apps which can be loaded with Installer.

There will be updates & new apps presented here so don't forget to check out for updates.



Fring is a multi-platform chat/talk program. You can manage and use your accounts for your favorite chat programs like: MSN, Google Talk, Twitter, Yahoo Chat and also talk over Skype. Fring uses Wi-Fi connection so you can access and use all those cool programs for free. Fring automatically spots the hot wi-fi connections and you don't bother to make any set up each time.

Swirly MMS

Swirly is a useful application that gives you iPhone MMS send/receive ability. I don't know why iPhone doesn't come with the MMS support at the first place but that lovely app solves that program.



SmartRSS is a cool RSS tool for your iPhone. The user interface is easy to use. You just select the RSS channels you want to see and the app displays the topics with number of new posts. It's easy, cool and simple.


iTapPad is a customizable web based application. You can create your own personalized homepage. You can select from more than 2.000 links provided or you can create your own links/phone numbers on your homepage. It's easy to use and it's free.



iPhone is meant t be fun isn't it. With iAno application you can turn your iPhone into a cool piano. You can play your tune in a four octave keyboard. The keys are animated while you play and surprisingly the voice is very close to a piano. Don't miss out this application if you like playing music.


Another cool music application for your iPhone. Drummer is providing a drum kit which you can enjoy with your multi touch screen. Just give a beat and start some music where ever you want. Drummer is a "must have" application for music lovers and even an amateur can enjoy it. Drummer comes with pre set Rock, Jazz, Dance and Electro kits so choose your style and give the beat.


You wanna waste some time? Looking for iPhone games? iPhysics is the best time waster but actually it's not much of a game. You draw shapes on the screen and let your iPhone hypnotize you with the pyhsics engine. It's one of the best uses of iPhone's proximity sensor.


Sketches is a great drawing application for iPhone. You can use the multi touch screen to draw sketches on your iPhone screen. You can shake your phone and clear the screen. It's a great application if you have some drawing skills.


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    • profile image

      scottcollins89 8 years ago

      i would have to say bubble wrap app is the best!!!!

      ewww or the lightsaber!

    • kia31 profile image

      kia31 9 years ago from Los Angles

      Do have any information on buy and selling iphone apps.