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Best iPhone Multiplayer Games

Updated on November 9, 2014

Mobile Multiplayer

Play together or remotely with iOS games
Play together or remotely with iOS games | Source

Play Against Friends

Want to make your iOS gaming experience more interactive with other, actual human beings? Want to take it a step forward and actually be touching the same iPad as you sit together having fun, instead of lying on couches in different rooms, in different cities, playing Letterpress? Good for you. You can do both! Let’s take a look at ten of the best multiplayer games for the iPad, both side-by-side iPad sharing and online multiplayer.

The following top 10 multiplayer game list covers a variety of gaming genres and some classic games and new ones in the mix. Enjoy playing with your friends.

Call of Duty: Zombies

The Call of Duty series has a huge following of fans and this variation for iOS will surely satisfy most COD players that are not able to be at home and have an itch for pulling the trigger a few times. This is easily the best first-person shooter series out there, Call of Duty brings its much-loved Zombies title to the iPad for rollicking online team co-op. Coordinate and and develop strategies with your friends to take on the zombie waves until you’re the only ones left standing.

This game has several different maps to play with a large number of different guns and special abilities to keep the game experience fresh. In the multiplayer experience the game with a total of 4 people in a co-op.

App Review Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja HD

That old iOS standby Fruit Ninja has been topping the App Store charts for a long time now, and for good reason – it’s incredibly addictive and fun. Chopping fruits and splattering their juices all over – what’s not to like? Fruit Ninja HD makes it a sharing experience by splitting the iPad in two, allowing you to race to collect points against your opponent while tossing bombs their way to throw them off. Great fun from an iOS classic.

Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs. Evil

Gaming legends Penny Arcade offer their own foray into iPad multiplayer with Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs. Evil. A collectible card game in the Magic: The Gathering vein, players match wits with each other using some of Penny Arcade’s most lovable characters, like Gabe and Tycho from the uber-popular Penny Arcade webcomic. This game may be for the geekier gamers among us but offers plenty of inside jokes and hours of replay value.

App Review Mirror's Edge

Mirror’s Edge for iPad

In 2008, Electronic Arts launched Mirror’s Edge for consoles and PC and it quickly gained a cult following. Originally a first-person parkour action game, this new iteration for the iPad turns into a head-to-head two player race with two different race modes and crisp, clean graphics. Whether or not you were a fan of the original version, Mirror’s Edge for iPad is sure to make for some intense competition.

This game has a play experience unlike most mobile games. The world is immersive and puts you right into the action. Race in head to head battles with your friends. There is 14 levels that get more difficult at each stage, this game was built to provide significant single player challenge for long term game enjoyment with the ability to continue to play with friends in a competitive environment to be the top in your circle of friends.


Before there was Super Mario Brothers, before there was Tetris, there was Pong. The granddaddy of all video games now comes in four-player mode with Multipong from Febo Studio. Four-player Pong may sound strange at first but how many other iPad sharing games let you play with four – count ‘em, four – other people? Not many. Once you adjust, it’s great fun for a group of friends or the whole family.

App Review for Draw Something

Draw Something

Draw Something is already a legendary game, although it’s most often mentioned in the same breath as the iPhone. The iPad version is superior, not least of all because you can draw and see what is drawn all the more clearly. Challenge friends to guess your drawing, or for them to guess yours, in a turn-based style guessing game. There are points to earn and leader boards to climb, but the true fun of the game is witnessing your friends’ terrible art skills and harping on them for it later.

Mobile Gaming Passes Time

Mobile gaming on an airplane
Mobile gaming on an airplane | Source


The amazingly popular Achtung is like a colorful, multi-player version of the ancient cellphone classic Snake. Use tiny directional pads in the corners of the iPad to manipulate multi-colored streams of light to turn left or right without being cut off. Survive as long as you can to win. That’s it. Or is it? It can be intensely competitive and addicting, with your opponent demanding a rematch immediately because they made just one tiny mistake. And that’s all it takes to lose with Achtung – a small mistake. Look forward to obsessive playing in your future.

App Review Scrabble HD Free

Scrabble HD for iPad

The classic game of Scrabble comes to the iPad with Scrabble HD for iPad. Get a selection of letters, form words, and play words off other words in horizontal or vertical rows, collecting extra points for landing on the right squares. That’s it. You know how this game works, right? Bring it into the 21st century with Scrabble HD and get rid of that old board and tiny wooden pieces. What century are you living in, anyway?

This is an excellent mobile game for connecting with friends. There is also support for the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

Marble Mixer for iPad

If you’re not interested in hyper-kinetic racing games or shooting zombies in the face, maybe a more causal game like Marble Mixer will be right up your alley. Play with up to four people in three different game modes with simple flick-and-shoot controls to send the marbles to their destination. You can focus on strategy or just simple shooting fun. This iPad sharing game is great for families with children.

Interactive Multiplayer Next?

Most multiplayer games are played remotely, maybe its time they get more interactive?
Most multiplayer games are played remotely, maybe its time they get more interactive? | Source

Catan HD

Catan has long reigned as the king of tabletop resource-gathering games, and now it has come to iPad with Catan HD by USM. Up to four players trade and scheme to control the most resources, land, and travel routes in the nation of Catan. Manipulate other players or form short-term alliances, it’s up to you. Catan HD has a number of expansions you can also buy to extend the experience and keep the fun moving along with your friends or family.

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