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Best tips to Buying Laptops with Durable Cases

Updated on September 10, 2009

A laptop is equipment that many of us use for extended periods of type. With a laptop, we can work on office and sometimes at home, and even when travelling. As a result, laptops will have to endure a lot of wear and tear during their lifetimes.

One way to make sure that a notebook computer will work properly for an extended period, is buying only equipment that is carefully protected. For a laptop, this means choosing the correct case that will give the required protection for data stored in your computer.

Types of Laptop Cases

Laptop cases exist in all forms and sizes. The notebook manufactures have become very creative in designing new types of enclosures for these laptops. Also, the material used to create the case varies a lot, although most computers use either metal or plastic materials.

Plastic cases are the most common type, and used by a large majority of manufacturers and models. The advantage of plastic cases is that they are cheap, easy to manufacture in different shapes, and sometimes very resistant.

A number of laptops made with plastic cases are well known for being strong and resistant. For example, Dell Laptops have historically been very resistant, especially the business models. Manufacturing techniques reinforce the plastic case, ensuring that it will support a lot of weight before it breaks.

Another manufacturer that creates strong plastic cases is Lenovo, the company that bought the ThinkPad line from IBM. ThinkPad is widely recognized as one of the most resistant brands of laptops. They rigorously test the laptop case to make sure that they can withstand the abuses of travelling and working in non-standard places.

Metal cases are less common in laptops, but they also offer strong features that make them very useful for conscious buyers. Apple is the company that has perfected laptops with a metal case. They started with laptops with titanium case, and now most of their laptops are in aluminum.

There are several advantages in an aluminum case. For example, it easier to cool off, since the metal naturally dissipates heat. Another advantage is that it is very light, therefore it represents less weight for users that want to use the laptop during travels.

Another advantage of metal cases is its resistance. The use of metal make it easier to protect the contents of your notebook, including important data that you may have stored.

Finally, metal cases are also easier to recycle, so that when you stop using your laptop, there is less of an impact on nature.

How To Decide What Kind of Enclosure to Use

If you want to buy a new laptop, it pays to think about the kind of case you want. You should consider the advantages and disadvantages cited above as the deciding points, and weight each of them according to your necessities.

For example, consider what is more important for you: a laptop that is rugged and very resistant to shock, or a light laptop that you can easily transport. While some laptops may offer both options (light weight and resistance), they may also be more expensive, so you have to consider the costs of your choice.


Buying a durable laptop is an important goal for heavy computer users. You may need to carry your laptop around and use it often. But then, you get ready for the consequences, such as falls, and exposition of your computer to harsh environments.

Looking at the durability features of your laptop is a responsible thing to do. It may also be smart for your data as well as your pocket.


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      Laptop Accessories 8 years ago

      I think you have written a very useful article to help laptop case buyers. It clearly shows the different laptop case types.