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Best windows password recovery tool

Updated on September 11, 2012

In the password protected world that we are living remembering the passwords is of utmost importance. Can you imagine the situation where you would be if you are unable to login to your computer? True, that you can have your backups and other precautionary measures put in place to prevent the unwanted happen. But there is a pretty good chance for majority of us to face this situation. But it is not an issue anymore because of the Windows password recovery tools.

When you talk about windows password recovery tools, any software for that matter, there are two main types of software available.

Free Windows password recovery tools

The advantage of a free password recovery tool is it is free. That is definitely an advantage. But when you are selecting a password recovery tool, you must be very cautious because this is a type of software which can gain full access to the computer. So that it can damage your files, install Trojans in it, and it can do lot of other things. Therefore a free windows password recovery tool is not a good option. There may be some good free tools you must be very selective to go in this path. You will have to do a lot of research on it. You may read previous users experiences, forums on this topic to identify a better free tool. Nobody is going to take the responsibility if you fail during the process and you are unable to reset your Windows password. The worse, the damages caused to your computer or any data loss will have to be bare by you

Premium Windows password recovery tools

On the other hand you have to pay for a premium tool, but if you purchase the correct product you are doing a lot of good for yourself. Often these products are developed and sold by reputed companies and they pay lot of attention to their name and goodwill. The company’s future depends solely on the quality of the product. So they put lot of attention, invest lots of money in developing their products.So this always leads to a quality product. When selecting a good Windows password recovery tool you will have to pay your attention to the following points.

1.Tool’s ability to solve your problem

The tool should be able to reset the password of any windows system. It can be Windows 200, NT,XP, Vista or Windows 7. Also it should be able to reset password of both administrator and user accounts. And it should be able to do this for any brand of Windows computer and most importantly the password recovery tool should be successful at least 99.9% of times.

2.Ease of use

As you purchase it you expect it to be handled very easily without having high tech skills. It should have nice interfaces and very easy operational procedure.

3.24x7 customer support

This is a very important feature of any quality product. Your problem is unique and you need personal attention.


At last you should pay your attention to the price. There can be two products with same features but for totally different prices. So you will have to do some research to find out the best product that suits you.

Once you have the best Windows password recovery tool with you, you don’t have to remember all your Windows passwords. You just have to remember that you have a password recovery tool with you!

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