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Beware of Cheaters at | Fraud Adsense Sites

Updated on April 26, 2012
Beware of Fraud Freelancers
Beware of Fraud Freelancers is a well-known Freelancer site among freelancers and employers because it is one of the first sites of its own kind. You can register and make money through and you can get your job done by plenty of freelancers from this site as an Employer. This warning is however, not for freelancers who wants to make money online but, for employers who need to offer jobs.

If you scan through this site you will find that some freelancers offer some interesting service which is creating Adsense websites with earnings. They even have some good feedbacks from employers. Have you ever tried one of those services? Well, I have. And the experience was terrific. I am writing this hub because I don’t want any other person to get caught by these cheaters.

I have a broad knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. So, I thought if I offered someone in to make an Adsense site for me then I can learn some more tricks from those experts. (They confirm that they are experts in this field but they are just violating Adsense TOS.) The main target was to make some money through them while learning some tricks from them. But, at last I had to lose my money and put my Adsense account at higher risk.

But there are plenty of Positive Reviews in their Profiles.

You may ask that. I also believed that the reviews are true and can be trusted. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to spend some bucks. But you will only comprehend that those reviews are fake after getting caught by them. What they do is forcing you to pay the full amount before completing your project and they threaten you that they will not proceed with the project until you pay them the full amount. They do this unjustified step even before showing some earning in your Adsense account. They know that you become helpless in this situation and they know that you definitely pay them the full amount to finish this project successfully. After paying them the full amount they ask you to leave a positive review for that project. And they warn you if we don’t leave a positive review then they don’t complete your project with sweet words (You know, words like please, etc.). And then you get cheated by them and you leave a positive review about them. That’s just because you want your site to earn as you want. Right after leaving a good review they start to avoid you. That’s how they receive positive reviews.

How they succeed to show you earnings in your Adsense Account

Have you ever heard about Adsense rings, Adsense clickers groups? Well, there are some groups who click our Adsense ads for money or for Ads clicks in their sites. A normal person cannot find this activity until his Adsense account gets banned. These cheaters maintain an Adsense ring for the sites they create. If you don’t see any earnings in your account and if you complain them, then they share your link with this Adsense ring and viola. You get some Adsense earnings. Now you are happy with their service till you pay them the full amount. They try to be careful to not to let us earn the full amount we spend before paying them the full amount. Let’s say you give them a project of $250 and you just paid $100 so far. They just be careful not to let us earn that $100 back from our site. They only share our link to get some earnings lesser than $100 to make us believe them. And they ask for screenshots of our Adsense account to count that amount. Soon after we pay $250(Full Project fee) they start to stop that service and leave us behind.

This is the procedure of these cheaters and unfortunately lots of employers at Freelancer .com get caught by their activities. You may not find another article or blog complaining these cheaters because most employers don’t know that they are deceived by those freelancers until they receive Banning letter of Adsense team. Most employers who seek this service are novices. They don’t know A to Z about Internet Marketing, SEO, Adsense, e.t.c. So, they have no idea about what happened when they receive that letter. They don’t know where to report, where to inform or anything. So, they just give up the combat and feel for their foolish actions (just like me). Unfortunately for them I know where to report and inform so; here I am warning you at one of the best sites around. This hub is not meant to avenge from them but for informing others about this fraud activity. I am M.N.Kassier. I got cheated by this freelancer Indesignss. You can see a good review by me from my name in his profile. He got that positive review through the way I explained. So, if you love your money and your Adsense account DO NOT get caught by these cheaters. Fortunately for you, you have me to warn you. Beware of these frauds and don’t try to make money through that way. Once you get banned from Adsense, then they will never accept you again. Adsense is the best method to make money online. So, Do Not lose your precious Adsense account because of these cheaters. Beware.


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    • profile image

      pythonk 19 months ago

      Yeah people from bangladesh are big fraud... a guy named yakub Ali took $90 from me and did not send any code and also deleted his account on freelancer.. freelancer should not allow people who don't verify themselves because in this way freelancer is encouraging these type of frauds

    • profile image

      coder_Geek 3 years ago

      All the freelancer supposed staff who reply to all these comments won't reply when you want to show them (from your chat account on their same website!) that someone is reportedly cheating and does not even denies it. They only spend their time looking at the comments of various blogs!!

    • profile image

      vaibhav 4 years ago is the url of that site. He is a big fraud and cheater. I work on this site and when it comes to payment he run away and making excuses .... stay away from such a fraud.

      Spread this site as much as possible and let the other freelancers know that never work for such clients.

    • profile image

      vaibhav 4 years ago

      they will give you work out side freelancer and then they will make excuse for not paying you ... I just face this today and I am pissed offf because I worked whole night for this client and at the end he said rubbish and not paying me ... I will soon post his website url here and then will see him .


    • profile image

      Ram 4 years ago

      Hi do u know his name? His name is Dinesh.Even i got cheated by him though i met him.He talked in such a way that everything is real.How dare he is.He is in bangalore now.His fb profile name is Dinesh Cool.

    • profile image

      Arcanus 4 years ago are cheaters! They generate virtual users with projects and after someone "accepted as freelancer for this project" they steal money from accounts of the honest freelancers who connect their bank cards to the site system. Then nothing... virtual user with project just disappear and freelanceк have to pay for nothing instead of getting job!!!

    • M.N.Kassier profile image

      M.N.Kassier 5 years ago from Sri Lanka

      wow. So any comments for my hub while I was offline. Thank you all for your precious comments and it's nice to see active conversations in comments section. Keep it up guys. Don't get cheated by anyone. Use this hub as a resource.

    • profile image

      maxfromfreelancer 5 years ago

      Hi Chaim S. This is Max from We appreciate the feedback. I’ve looked into your case and it seems that your account was closed because you didn’t contact us when we asked you to verify your account and transactions with us. This was in June of 2011. I’ve talked to our Customer Support and they said that it is still possible to get your account reactivated. All you need to do is file a Support Ticket and ask for the reactivation. I’ll help you as well to get your account issues resolved. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

    • profile image

      Chaim S. 5 years ago

      I have. After they have noticed, I received mail with personal threats (!) from them. My personal data have been outed as well.

    • profile image

      rayfranjr 5 years ago

      You got to hand it to these Freelancer people. At least they're doing something to solve people's issues.

    • profile image

      Chaim S. 5 years ago

      Emir changed his name, huh? If you use , just quit! Would any legitimate company resolve its cases via discussion forums? Went through their 'customer service' a number of times... and it is lousy. is a scam. You will feel it when they freeze your funds!

      They have? Go through this manual:

    • profile image

      maxfromfreelancer 5 years ago

      Hi Arshad,

      My name is Max and I work for

      We appreciate the feedback.

      I’d like to assure you that is doing well. We recently acquired Scriptlance, the fifth largest freelance marketplace in the world . With the acquisition, is now an even stronger marketplace. Another new development is we’ve added Translation & Languages to the list of jobs you can outsource. Expect to see more site features and services to better serve our over 4 million strong user base. To know more about these updates, please visit this link -

      I’d like to assure you that does not defraud people of their money. In fact, we have paid out more than half a billion dollars to freelancers around the world. We are a global company which is why we strictly adhere to international laws and regulations.

      As for the support links, we have upgraded our Support Center to a new system wherein ticket IDs will have a new format. We’re asking our users to log into the old support center in case their issue concerns an existing problem with the old ticket format. We’ve also made it easier for you to contact us with or use live chat to talk with our Customer Support Teams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      I hope I’ve addressed your concerns. If you have further concerns or enquiries, please send an e-mail to and we’ll address them immediately.

      Thank you and have a great day.

    • profile image

      AK 5 years ago

      Hi there.. thanks for the this useful article.. i also was amazed by all the reviews & i myself posted a job on freelancer for one of those adsense site.. i contacted indesignss & he said.. 30% upfront then 30% when he shows me the designs (which will be the very next day) & the rest 40% on completion (which is in 2 days) of the site.. I asked him if i can give him a one time payment after I see the earnings.. he refused.. most of the other freelancers from BANGLADESH are also fraud.. they have no clue.. i asked one what domain should i buy.. & if she had done the keyword research.. she said yes.. & asked me to buy (myname) it looked fishy so i dint deposit any funds on the site.. Im gona research on Adsense myself & make my own sites myself.. i know how to do it.. just don't have the time for it..

    • profile image

      Arshad 5 years ago

      Freelancer is about to scam by end of 2012 or early 2013, through reliable internal resources it has been revealed that due to many acquisitions and merger, management is in sever financial crisis and also is on a check by US government due to money laundering issues. so, is finding it hard to match with the requirements, have taken back support totally to their old address i.e., and also not providing online 24/7 support, Please beware that its about to scam anytime, withdraw ur earning if u ve any there and also find the new freelancing website.

    • profile image

      Eugene 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      angi 5 years ago support is a scam. They stole my money.

    • MicheleFrazier profile image

      MicheleFrazier 6 years ago from Texas

      Thank you for sharing this information.

    • profile image

      emirfreelancercom 6 years ago

      My name is Emir and I work for I came across your post here and I'd like to help. I’ve forwarded the account you mentioned to our Customer Support Managers for investigation and will suspend the account if necessary. We do not condone any freelancer breaching such TOS of Adsense and we will continue to push our dedicated teams in scanning and removing users found advertising and using dubious methods.

      For your future projects, we strongly encourage you to use the Milestone Payment System to help projects get completed smoothly. By placing a Milestone Payment, we will hold the funds until you are 100% happy with the work completed. You should release the Milestone Payment only if the work has been done to your specifications. If you are unhappy with the work, you can use’s Dispute Resolution Service, which allows you to dispute the Milestone. For more information, please visit this link ( and access the FAQ.

      Thank you very much and I will provide an update as soon as we have it.

    • M.N.Kassier profile image

      M.N.Kassier 6 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Thank you for your comment RTalloni. I don't want others to lose their precious time and money because of these frauds. There are many scams and frauds like these freelaners these days. And unfortunately there are many innocent people who get caught by them. It is our responsibility to inform and warn them before they get cheated.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Glad to see this warning posted. Thanks for sharing your experience so others can learn from it!


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