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Beware of K9 Web Protection, It is a Big Headache

Updated on January 27, 2014

NO to K9 Web Protection

I’ve been searching the internet for ways on how to block porn sites from my computer to protect my little ones. I know porn sites could be openly accessed by anyone (no thanks to the devil), so I decided to do something as early as I could to protect the children before they ever come across any one of these dirty sites.

In one forum sites I came across one member who suggested this free software called K-9 web protection and she even provided a link for free download. I thought I was lucky to have read this suggestion and immediately I clicked the link and after reading more about this free software I was convinced this is what I actually need.

I followed the step by step procedure and was provided with K-9 license which I used to complete the procedure along with my chosen password. So the download was complete and I was so happy because indeed it has effectively blocked the porn sites completely. I really felt like I was a hero for having discovered K9.

I thought I found the best solution to my problem not until I went to I could not access the site as K-9 kept blocking it. Then I also discovered that even Youtube is blocked and many other sites that do not belong to porn category were blocked also. So I opened K-9 and discovered that changing the setting would solve the issue.

Now if you think this has completely solved my problem then you are wrong. K-9 web protection has given me another problem which could not be solved by any change in the setting. It kept freezing even the wholesome videos and streaming audio files. It was so annoying.

I was then left with no choice. I has to just uninstall K-9 Web protection using the Add-Remove program at Control Panel and after I did Ii was able to breathe normally. My favorite TV show replays at Youtube run smoothly, no hanging or freezing whatsoever. How I wish the makers of K-9 Web Protection can solve this issue for if not for this, they could have been the best free anti-pornography software.

My unsolicited advice to all of you..don’t ever install K9 Web Protection if you don’t want to suffer the same trouble I went through. It is better to look for a solution that will not require any installation of software of whatever for chances are you will suffer more headaches than solution to your problem just as I did.


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