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Beware of the addiction to gadgets and the internet!

Updated on July 16, 2014

Do not misuse the net!

People are easily enamoured by gadgets. Mainly the internet, mobile and tablets enable us to remain update about everything we would like to know. Before the advent of internet, it was very difficult to gather information and it took long time. Either we have to visit the libraries to source the information or try purchasing some books on the required subject. Today, we are able to get information about anything in a split of a second. No need for a desk top computer with net connection. Any mobile phone will connect you to the net. The pertinent question is whether we are benefited in any way?

Consequence to the abundant information about anything in the world, it has become very difficult to fine-tune our search. In a split second, the Google will bring millions of results. Here is the test for our real efficiency. Which site you will surf among the many hundreds? Of course there are many links provided in each site to move on to our target. No doubt, many senior citizens like me are able to transact online and complete them without moving away from the home. This is really a great advantage of internet. Also you can book tickets instantaneously, order your grocery and other items. Of course, you will have to pay extra for the home delivery! It is fine so far. Students, teachers, researchers and even a lay man can lot of information from the net. These are all the positive results of technological innovations. But internet is like a sharp knife! If you use it carelessly, you will land in big trouble. Especially there are many harmful and forbidden sites in the net. Out of curiosity, boys and girls surf those sites which are potentially harmful. Hence it is evident that no invention is 100% beneficial to society.

For instance, the knife in the hands of a surgeon is used for curing a patient whereas the knife in the hands of an assassin is potentially harmful. Hence the internet must be used as a source for knowledge and not as a cheap tool for degrading entertainment. Like the TV, the internet is used as a mass media in the social sites like Face book and Twitter. They prod you to dive deep. But this is not a healthy pastime. Many youngsters are hooked to the social sites for hour’s together thinking that they enjoy the interactions instantly. Without caution, they reveal their identity and personal details. There are many crooks in the net that use the net for browbeating and blackmailing. The innocent boys and girls fall in the trap unable to extricate themselves. Hence restrict the online activities only for essential requirements. For instance, students can gather advanced knowledge about their subjects and the latest developments in their field. Researchers can access lot of references from the net which will aid in their research. Doctors, Engineers and other professionals can remain update in their profession. But everyone should check the authencity or veracity of the information. We should not take every thing as correct since the author has written so.

Remember that the net contains raw data. You must use your experience and knowledge to select only such information which will be productive. It is difficult to sieve the information available in the net. Hence be cautious. Secondly there is lot of unsolicited advertisements displayed in many of the prominent web sites. Also there are many online sites like ‘Amazon, Flip cart and the like. Based on the information provided on such sites, one should not be carried away by the information. We must go through the product reviews. Also before ordering a product, think twice, whether it is really needed! Do not respond to unsolicited surveys etc since they may lead to some unprotected or harmful sites! There are several quakes waiting to pounce on innocent customers. Be wary of them. Lot of prudent is needed while surfing in the net!


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