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Big Brother (Google) Is Watching You!

Updated on October 26, 2009

Google Logo

Google knows if you're naughty or nice!

Most likely, you are familiar with the things Google provides, such as email, images, maps, and much more. Do you ever feel like someone is watching when you're online? Well, guess what? You're gut feeling is correct! Are you aware of just how much Google knows about you?

Google knows the following things about you, perhaps a lot more!

What you Search for: They are aware of every search you perform.

Web Pages: Many web pages use Google AdSense for their online advertising, and cookies record the web sites you visit. Not once, but every time!

Blogs: Google knows the blogs that you visit and subscribe to, even if you don't use Google Reader.

Financial Information: Every seller that uses AdSense share financial information, addresses, and other personal information about you with Google.

Website or Blog Information: If you have a website or blog, Google knows about your sites, the business income, and trends about your product.

Email: Every time you send from or receive an email in your Gmail box, Google knows the information.

Computer Files: Google knows everything you store on your computer, if you use Google Desktop.

Bills and More: Documents, spreadsheets, blogging, and paying bills are all exposed to Google.

Personal Calendar: Using a Google Calendar publishes your business and personal schedules to the eyes of Google.

Social Networking and Chat Rooms: Websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more all have access to the information you expose on line. This includes addresses, name, and interests.

Illness: Google can predict what illnesses, surgeries, or medical problems you may have by tracking relative searches that you did.

Where You Are: Google Maps can approximate your geological location.

What You Watch: Since Google owns YouTube, they know what times of videos you watch, including pornographic videos!

Online Viewing: Everyone that uses the Google Chrome browser, allows Google to see the web pages your are visiting.

Your Problems: If you ask a question or provide an answer on Google Answers, your personal life will be revealed to Google.

Medical Issues: Everyone that uses Google Health shares their medical history with Google.

Home Address: If you use Google maps, checkout, or AdSense, most likely Google knows your home address.

Cell Phone: When you sign up for Gmail, or any other software Google offers, you reveal your cell phone number.

Sound of Your Voice: If you use Google Talk, the sound of your voice is shared with Google.

Pictures: When you use the photo editor Picasa, you reveal your photographs and personal life moments to Google.

Online Work: Your data is encrypted by Google Secure Access, and everything you do online for school or work is recorded.

Shopping: If you buy or have purchased online, every catalog and product you searched online is known to Google.

Business Information: If you advertise a business by using Google keywords, they have information about your business.

What's Important To You: If you set up Google Alerts, they are aware of all the online things that are important to you.


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    • sandwichmom profile image

      sandwichmom 7 years ago from Arkansas

      OK - All I can say is WOW- I knew this stuff- but never saw it put together in one location- so it then becomes clear that BIG BROTHER is watching- Maybe sometimes we should spend a week- researching the old fashiioned way- and change our patterns