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Big Tech Is in Big Trouble

Updated on September 22, 2019
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Howard has been on the Internet since there's been an Internet, first surfing the web with a text-based Internet browser back in the 90s.

Everybody is fed up with big tech yet everyone feels powerless to fight back against online censorship and privacy. That's all changed now.

There is a growing movement of people and organizations who are sick and tired of big tech bossing them around and intruding on their privacy. With the colossal size of companies like Google and Facebook and the immense power they wield in the online world, resistance seemed futile. Just an unavoidable cost of doing business if you want to use the Internet.

That's all changing now thanks to Excaliber; a new social media platform that protects the freedom and privacy of its members the same way a German Shepherd provides protection. Excaliber delivers substantially everything Facebook offers plus email services (Goodbye, Gmail!) and video publishing services like YouTube and so much more -- with total privacy and very liberating freedom of speech online.

Not stopping there, Excaliber is on a public education quest to inform people of their rights, options and alternatives to big tech across the full spectrum of the online world.

Online Privacy
Online Privacy

How Much Online Privacy Do You Have?

If you use Facebook or Google you don't have any. These two tech giants know an astonishing amount about you. When it comes to Facebook you need to read this and this.

I'll bet you didn't know Facebook has almost unlimited access to everything in your phone did, you? Or that Facebook gathers data on millions of people who don't even use Facebook by extending their reach by Facebook users themselves.

Google's worse. 10x worse according to this.

The problem? The more you use Google and Facebook, the more they know about you. That's the price you pay for using these "free" services. Google's search engine dominates with 88% of all Internet searches. They also dominate online tracking of everything you do. Lots of ways Google tracks where you go and what you do aren't even on Google itself; they have strategically scattered Internet trackers all over the Internet. These trackers keep tabs on you and reports all of your activity back to Google where it is added to your profile.

Then there are the people keeping a close eye on your Gmail account and actually reading your email. Whenever you use any Google service you're agreeing to this.

The more you use Google and Facebook, the more they know about you.

Internet Censorship
Internet Censorship

Community Standards & Double Standards

Angel mom Mary Ann Mendoza took to Twitter to talk about the illegal immigrant problem and the dangers they bring to every community. Ms. Mendoza knows firsthand; one of them killed her son, a police officer, in a drunk driving accident Twitter banned her for what she said. This wasn't a permanent ban; Twitter told her to delete that post and her account would be reinstated.

Facebook has a slightly different approach; they'll delete your post and possibly give you a sentence in "Facebook jail" for up to 30 days if you violate their "community standards".

Here's the thing; those community standards aren't standard at all. A standard, by definition, is something that applies to everyone. That's not the case here. If you are left-leaning and repeatedly post comments inciting anger or violence or humiliation or other offensive statements, you usually get a pass. If you're a conservative or right-wing leaning, you don't get off that easily.

It's gotten to the point where people are afraid to speak their mind about politics or social issues for fear of being trolled, banned or jailed. That's freedom of speech going in the wrong direction.

Say Goodbye to Big Tech

As federal lawmakers explore different legal remedies to the ever-growing power of big tech, it might be years before they come up with an answer. The good news is that people don't need to wait years to protect their privacy and their freedom of speech.

Social media platform Excaliber launched just three months ago as a viable alternative to not only Facebook but also Gmail AND YouTube. Excaliber boasts 100% privacy and 0% censorship and absolutely no advertising.

Search engine DuckDuckGo launched in 2008 as an answer to Google's privacy invasions including their insidious online tracking.

FireFox is the first web browser to integrate privacy protection and ad-blocking elements to restrict the online tracking of your activity,


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