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Biodegradable Cigarettes Are Out There

Updated on June 3, 2014

Now You Can Risk Cancer While Also Saving the Environment!

Most people don’t know it, but there are biodegradable cigarettes out there - they are quite a reality. A company called Greenbutts has done the research to create a unique version for the American public, but whether or not they will be adopted remains to be seen.

Scientists say that the chemicals in cigarette butts are dangerous, and that they kill things in the ground soil as they slowly decompose. At landfills, scientists are actually finding that the soil becomes contaminated above piles of cigarette butts, which take tens of years to finish decomposing.

Forcing Americans and people from other countries to use biodegradable cigarettes should not come as much of a shock. Many cities now require residents to use permanent grocery bags instead of disposable plastic ones, for example. Other cities and states have managed to stop pill bottles from being thrown into landfills through offering an exchange policy. These ordinances greatly reduce the harm to the environment that some waste causes.

Smokers are well known to sometimes be litter bugs. One only has to walk down a busy street to find cigarette butts lying all over the place. Greenbutts plans to change all of that with biodegradable cigarettes containing their new filters.

The new cigarette filters will decay just like any other sort of biodegradable materials, and are the most cost effective solution out there. You can read more about the difference between Greenbutts’ new filters and the ones that tobacco companies use at It explains the difference between the filters currently in use and the biodegradable ones.

Filters for the Environmentally Conscious

The new filters have a funny little trick to them. Each filter contains some flower seeds. So, when a cigarette smoker casually tosses his used cigarette butt on the ground, it has a chance to sprout some flowers. This would sort of take away some of the beauty of flowers, though. If this sort of thing were adopted in America, people would assume any spot with wild flowers must be some sort of smoking zone for addicts.

In all seriousness, the new cigarette filters seem like a great idea. Tobacco companies are hard to persuade, though. They tend to remain staunch supporters of whatever has worked for them over the years, and they have the money to make Greenbutts’ new filters stay on the drawing board forever.

On the other hand, the American public really does want to see positive change. Cigarette smokers are already a high profile target in America, as the numbers of smokers have dropped steadily over the years due to health issues. Tobacco companies would be wise to realize that many smokers are environmentally conscious, and would switch brands just to do their part to help the environment.

While tobacco companies will probably never adopt the new filters, there is good reason to believe that they could. Even if they are never flat out forced to use filters like those made by Greenbutts, biodegradable cigarettes still seem like they are a good specialty item for smoking consumers to have out there.


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