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Bioethanol market projected to grow in the coming years

Updated on March 20, 2018
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Angelique is a London-based entrepreneur, writer, and traveller. Her cup of tea includes business, finance, health, media, art and politics.

People are becoming more aware of the fact that most of today’s practices and methods in relation to fuel and energy are not safe for the environment. The growing concern is pushing people and big companies into seeking out alternatives that don’t pose a negative impact on the environment and is also sustainable. One gasoline alternative that’s slowly making its way to the streets is bioethanol, and it is expected to become a bigger sector in the years to come.

The Bioethanol Market Research Report reveals a major market growth for bioethanol. According to Opinion Investor, the world gross product is expected to grow up to 2.9 percent this year. The small but stable growth is attributed to a lot of factors, which include the growing demand for bioethanol and the opportunities it possesses for various sectors.

Bioethanol carries benefits that would provide people with a means of causing less harm to the environment through the use of the alternative fuel. It reduces greenhouse gases and the number of high-octane additives. Additionally, bioethanol is sustainable and easily produced. In fact, any plant with sugar and starch could be used to make the alternative fuel, and there are already companies who are capitalizing on it.

The growing demand is a good opportunity for businesses to get into bioethanol production. Luckily, there are a few companies who provide interested investors with a means to create the alternative fuel in more efficient ways.

Greenbelt Resources kickstarts new project that is integral to bioethanol production growth

Biotech company Greenbelt Resources Corp. (OTCMKTS:GRCO) is already one of the leading pioneers in the localized production of bioethanol. In a recent press release, the company reveals that it is once again looking to further its advancements by turning the Greenbelt Commercial Scale Testing Facility into a commercial-scale production biorefinery.

It is the first phase of what the company calls the “California BioEthanol Project.” The completion of the first phase will allow the company to produce approximately 1.37 million pounds of protein concentrate and 75,000 gallons of bioethanol annually. Because of their recent endeavors and successes, Greenbelt Resources is becoming a sought-after institution for businesses who produce copious amounts of food waste.

The second phase of the “California BioEthanol Project” sees the addition of another production system. The third and last phase will be to expand the production capacity of the commercial-scale production refinery and reducing the cost of production per gallon.

Greenbelt CEO Darren Eng says that their proprietary ECOsystem caters to unavoidable food waste from small and big businesses. These include breweries, wineries and even farms. By partnering with Greenbelt Resources, these establishments are able to create bioproducts like amino acid-rich protein concentrates, which can be used to sell to livestock farmers. Additionally, the bioethanol can be sold to an array of sectors including the cannabis producers that can use the bioethanol as an extraction tool for hemp.

This new project by Greenbelt Resources is expected to generate a high rate of returns for those who make use of it. It will also allow the companies to meet the growing demand for bioethanol from various sectors so it will be a good complement to any business.


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