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BitCoin and Quantum Mechanics

Updated on April 7, 2015

"Things Are Looking Better"

"Only a Nation of unenlightened half-wits could have taken this beautiful place and turned it into what it is today... a shopping mall."

[George Carlin - Life is Worth Dying For]

The Student-Loan-bubble - and the deflationary U.S.-dollar

The student-Loan bubble has reached proportions LARGER than the sub-prime bubble which caused the first huge "bail-outs" in 2008. This is the next financial disaster, which will be of retarded proportions. Remember when THAT 2008 "sub-prime" bubble burst? (I do). 2008 was a very VERY "memorable" year for me, personally. The banks of America convinced the government to take ALL of that horrible debt and give it to the Federal Reserve Bank- and they took on close to 10-Trillion dollars worth of "garbage-debt". And they gave to the banks...? Fresh Treasury-Bills. They were saying (out loud) "we will re-capitalize you bankers. We want to strengthen the (non-functional) financial system. And Pres. Obama was muttering something about "shovel-ready" stuff pending... (HE was probably referring to the couple of rusty shovels in the White-House gardening-shed, coupled with the part-time hiring of college students as summer-Grounds-Keepers... And thus, Pres. Obama would give "THE FUTURE OF AMERICA" ... work. ) " And, as an expression of their THANKFULNESS for this, the banks responded by "growing" the economy with their tried-and-"True", methodology of simply "enabling" less-than-collegiate, or "average persons"... to grab piles of money (- we used to call it "Liar-loans".) And these people go ( do nothing productive ) to sit in classrooms with profound and studious expressions upon their faces... with rest-periods entertained by Fox News...

None of that money DID buy "new shovels". What's a working Beast to do?

WHERE IS, private sector investment?

" They are dumber than a second coat of PAINT..." [George Carlin]

Carlin saw things very clearly, and was spot-on with the financial and geo-political trends he foresaw.

And he spoke of "Millions of semi-conscious Americans". And referred to "The Stupids, are an extended-family" and they spend "money they don't have on things they do not need".

I think Carlin is taking it too far, when he attacks Mac-N-cheese tho.

'And they ALL .... "vote"... ' [George Carlin]

Shovels and Sledghammers ... WHERE are they?

"Politicians USE education" [Carlin]

Clowns Rule

Financial manager = CLOWN (especially the Federal ones)

So, the "future" is college... Did Dad, pay the way, for that student? No.. it was financed. That's because DAD lost his job- then started working for a "Big Box" retail chain... . And now both Mom and Dad (unless Mom and Dad got financially stressed and divorced) BOTH Mom and Dad, are working and can barely keep things going. UNLESS of course, they LIVE with Grandma... and can now "work" to maintain the "middle-class fiction"... and make their car payments... And that's because the TRILLIONS invested in the insolvent financial systems, never did make it to "The Ground-floor" of America as an investment in infrastructure.... but MORE on that "infrastructure investment" ... and "strengthening the financial system" ...later.

... Because NONE of that money went to "New Shovels"... and that whole "shovel-ready" approach just never did seem to appear. ... Ever. And your average (real) person who DOES want to work, (or Grow His business) is still shuffling around wondering how he's going to pay his dental bills without going on Welfare, and still be capitalized by that Banking System that has lost all faith in HIM.... yet gives Billions (handily) to a proven Failure-Financial-manager, who simply strives to keep HIS Stock soaring, so the Board of Directors may meet for the party tonight...

And they say George Carlin was a "kook" for using the word "Conspiracy"-

It's a GOOD THING that voting actually still does work, I'm going to vote for a better future. And it's a GOOD THING, that Washington is working for the people, (and NOT... for the Banks.) I feel so comforted.

I find crowd-behavior (Lemmings) fascinating. Boy did the preceding Broadcast-Century do a number on us- as a society. (NOBODY seems to think any more.) And even fewer actually take action by DEMANDING that new (independents) be allowed to run for office. What's more, unless you have that "certified" and "authorized" stamp of approval (from the government). It would appear that YOUR statistics are always less valid than theirs. (Especially if you disagree with them).

And... MORE clowns

Shovels N Sledgehammers

I don't hate all aspects of socialism. Just the dumb ones. I Do believe that some things should absolutely be supported by the government... But not the fact that for far too many people the food they put in their mouths comes from the FACT... that they get a CHECK... for doing nothing productive. And I am absolutely NOT blaming the public for this. Not at all. And not ever. They've been duped.

I'm blaming the Bankers... the Bankers who do love debt. And are enslaving us ... more, and more thoroughly every day. All the while preaching a mantra of "Peace Love and Freedom". And lately "The way to Freedom" ... is college. And it's a bald-lie. There's been no investment at all in the infrastructure folks. Everything is still running on an "inertia" that was built up by the likes of Men, such as John F. Kennedy... And America has been running on that (profoundly good) inertia ... since about 1972. And definitely by the mid to late 80's the cannibalization of our society was in full (white collared) swing.

And I've not YET seen a new damn shovel ............... Appear- ANYWHERE.

But MORE debt did. And the Wealthy got wealthier, and THEY'VE also been reporting (lately) that the American Dollar is now (suddenly) doing better than it has in years.

Let's look at WHY. I JUST LOVE statistics ... don't you?

WHY is the American Petro-Dollar doing "better" right now?

Shale Oil, Fracking, and NCAA-Bond Ratings. An oil firm that raised money 7 months ago just missed it's first bond payment. I am saying here, ... that this company has made NO PAYMENTS whatsoever $6, upon the bond(s) raised to support this company. This was an "investment" (backed by SEC) and when the very very first payment came due? It could not pay...

But I'm sure the EXECUTIVES of every level involved here... ? Are Doing Fine.

American Eagle Energy Corp. is in a "rare" status. It has an ncaa bond-rating. In this case, the acronym stands for "No Coupon At All". These are "Junk Bonds", and these junk bonds were issued to finance fracking, and this? This is just the first interest-payment (not even a principal-payment). And they could not even come up with a bit of cash to pay just the interest payment. (You gotta ask yourself "who got rich in THIS scam?")

Because they were FINANCED... they could ANTICIPATE the first payment(s), and could have at least BUDGETED for the first month or 3... Why did they not? You must ask yourself that for expenditures (and busts) of this magnitude, WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE throwing money around but none of this money makes it to "Main Street" America?

(Where IS my shovel?)

What you may not even realize (being an "average", consumer-of-news), is that this indicates, in truth, that the industry itself is actually in a state of collapse. I'm not even trying to be alarmist. This is a very very bad indicator. Extremely bad. It does in fact indicate (most likely) that this was actually a "known" condition, that could be anticiapted even while the bonds were being created last year. Yet the SEC did not "catch it" and they did not "call it"...

That means, ... there was collusion. Yes... yes it DOES.

To look at this situation, and the fact that a "huge" business, in a "huge and known industry", misses it's very very first payment. This means you MUST examine the rating agencies themselves. The rating agencies gave this bond a "suitable" rating, for it to be issued to begin with. And you've got: Moody's, S&P, Fitch, and agencies like that... the regulators of the Securities and Exchange commission, that said "Hey this is great... we're going to let this be publicly traded."

Of course, they never bothered to LOOK at the viability of this security, and THIS is what happens when you have a Kleptocracy of "regulators" and some shady oil-men issuing non-sensical junk-paper, where they don't even pay INTEREST PAYMENT #1.

sheer - "Genius"

When Oil pricing began collapsing a while ago... the BANKS...

KNEW that even at 100-Dollars-per barrel, the fracking industry was NOT profitable, on-balance. There was maybe 10 percent of that industry that COULD turn a profit (theoretically) but 90-percent of those projects, even with Oil at 110-Dollars a barrel... were actually doomed for massive bankruptcy proceedings and financial devastation.

But now with Oil at 40 or 50-Dollars a barrel?

The number of "profitable" projects like this will be a robust... " 0-percent ".

Do you see how Banks acquire infrastructure, at mere pennies on the dollar? They do it by colluding in bad business. And when that business goes "Bust"... they do now "own" that business. And it's associated infrastructure. Folks, I'm tellin' ya... Debt is a GOOD THING... (for the banks) and you do NOT know what you are Doing if you buy into this system in the slightest. You just don't. You are in fact "voting" for the wrong guy. And just b/c he is in a suit. Does not make it right. Blue Jeans built this country.

USE Alternate Media - The Internet as News

The "JOBS-Numbers" for America came out, Looking POSITIVE

Employment is reported as "positive", so the share-prices of most companies have BOOMED. But we know, for a FACT, thousands... in fact, TENS-Of Thousands, of shale-oil-jobs have been lost over recent months. Many of these ARE in fact, $100,000 dollar a year jobs. And a guy displaced from this would have to go into 3 jobs, at three different Wal-Marts, and they use that statistic also... saying there are EVEN MORE jobs, to the economy... and things are "doing better".

But it's NOT. It's NOT... it's NOT "doing better". It's becoming more and more challenging, and less gratifying. (in reality).

The world is a-wash in oil right now

And there is a huge deflationary-spiral gripping the global economy right now.

The ENTIRE REASON that the American-Petro-Dollar is making this new multi-year "high" is not at all because of Economic "Strength" in America... but is because of Global Deflation. And people are unwinding all those derivative contracts, and all those debts on Bank-Balance-Sheets are actually going BUST... and the only way to close out this bad debt (because it is all priced in American Dollars... as the world currency...) is to buy-back those dollars.

There's currently a dollar-shortage for companies to get OUT of bankruptcy on their derivative-contracts which numbers around... oh... a QUADRILLION around the entire world. (It's what our "economy" is based upon now folks.. truly)

So, this is DEFLATION, which means the price of oil is probably going to go a lot lower, because the entire world is in a deflationary spiral. Except for pockets where prices are not going down... (where people are actually buying SOME things.)

In the financial collapse of 2008, what a lot of people did was they lost their job, and they went back to university (and STILL can't work after getting a degree), and we've seen a student loan bubble since then.

This is ANOTHER area where huge losses await. (With all the heavy investment in it) People ... ignorantly just running debt up, and being "sold" something they do not need (by the government).

Again, all these people are in COLLUSION. Stop labeling it as "Good Intentions". It is business, and it's NOT YOU getting rich off it. You are made POOR, by these things. And possibly even stupid if you believe in it all, and do NOT go in with eyes open on this.

Student Loans are SUCH bad business that the banks got OUT of it entirely, since it WAS something that does lend itself to being socialized. "Education" is good for political campaigns. And, again, it's just a form of "business" folks. Your NEEDS are not being met by this type of "business". Your needs are being entirely undermined.

And there is (now) a new "Mega-Bail-Out" poking it's head up.

It used to be that if you claimed personal bankruptcy, the ONE debt you could not "drop" was your (Federal) student-loans... but now? The Whtie House is studying "New Bankruptcy Options" for Student-Loan Borrowers... Yayyyyyyyyyyyy !

Do you know what this means? It means- collusion again. It means they ANTICIPATE the failure. (Not the success) of this whole paradigm of debt. Where people become indebted, and cannot (ever) pay it off. So what once was forbidden as a bankruptcy item, NOW IS. And again, this is the growing insolvency of this governmental and financial system.

It's just not healthy in the slightest and based upon fictitious thinking.

It has NOTHING to do with creation of opportunity or even (honestly) of educating you. It's just a Dollar based system run by the white collar criminals who get rich off it. Seriously. Why do you think this stuff is "Voted" into practice?

It's not even GOOD POLITICS let alone good finance.

Since the late 1990s the student loan debt has grown asymptotically on charts... EVERYBODY is "buying into this fallacy" .. because they can NOT obtain anything realistic in life, and this is merely a "delaying action" to hold their position for a brief few more months or years.. until THAT debt, now comes due. Truth.

Mr. Obama has now announced a "Student-Aid Bill-of-Rights" ... Yayyyyyyyy !

BUT... please DO NOTE... there are NO New shovels laying around, AND there is only the anticipation of non-debt-paying labor. IF, that labor even supports you completely ... AT ALL.

They ARE ... anticipating that you can NOT pay your debts. PLEASE THINK.

While a move like this may appear to be KIND. It's actually just indicative of a greater systemic failure. It's called "enabling" .. And there is NO good purpose to the expenditure of any of this money.

It's this kind of thing that is continuing to make the American Dollar VALUELESS.

It's BAD for business. (Good for the wealthy only).

Financial catastrophe is actually fairly good for banks...

Because they always obtain the very very best investments on the planet. The famous "Fire Sale" the famous "Going out of Business" sales.

It's where you buy "stuff" for pennies on a dollar.

That's the way our economy runs NOW. It's not at all "investing" in you. It's preparing you for your future BANKRUPTCY. It is. LOOK around. Start keeping your own charts and statistics. Walk down the street. Talk to neighbors. Ask them how they're doing. You'll find the truth. (Not on Fox News though.)

Right NOW, in America? You can NOT discharge your student loan debt in a bankruptcy. Right now. But it's starting to look like the Government is getting tired of holding the bad debt that already can not be paid by the people...

And don't forget. When the GOVERNMENT gets RID of it's bad debt? It's numbers will look better. The Governments numbers will look better.

Yours won't be looking better. You'll be in bankruptcy. And this is because the Government KNOWS this is coming.

Aren't you GLAD now that the Government is so "kind" to you?

WHERE IS that stinkin' shovel Mr. Obama?

Oil Firm misses it's first Obligated BOND Payment - bankrupt

Where's my shovel? I broke mine... I broke it because I AM a "hard working Beast", and I NEED my shovel... Now WHERE can I get it? C'mon... I was promised. They can't cost more than 6 or 12 bucks... So I'm expecting that, out of all the TRILLIONS spent here, in America. There'd be at LEAST a few new shovels lying around.

And not from purely Government Programs.

This should be the private sector-shovel... bub.

As Carlin had said above, Americans are "efficient consumers"

And these semi-conscious consumers move in "Herds"

But then, so do the walking-dead.

Even Max Keiser mentions cultural affects of "SHOPPING"

Have you checked in on BitCoin?

Have you begun to learn about BitCoin yet?

You know... in quantum mechanics, they SAY, that it's possible that if you drop a drinking glass and shatter it. It's also a possibility that ONE DAY, you might drop, and shatter a glass...

But it will also re-assemble itself... as it bounces back up.

And it's possible that this is good economics I speak of in this article. But....

I'd rather trust the future of BitCoin, than of re-assembling a Healthy economy here.

It appears the lunatics run the assylum. AND write their own paychecks.


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