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BitCoin is a long term investment- GO FAST

Updated on April 17, 2015

BitCoin trending over the last year- is NOT a Bad Thing

It is part of the normal behavior of any market.  It is a combination of people's hope, and fear.  Up's and downs happen everywhere.  The question IS?  What kind of longer term future does it have?  And the answer is- HUGE FUTURE.  BTC will swing up-
It is part of the normal behavior of any market. It is a combination of people's hope, and fear. Up's and downs happen everywhere. The question IS? What kind of longer term future does it have? And the answer is- HUGE FUTURE. BTC will swing up-

BitCoin is just now beginning to show signs of pulling out of a medium-length correction. Prior to this, it had experienced the HIGHEST-"High" of it's entire history. Just a short time ago... it had been over $1000 per BitCoin.

NOW, it is at what I'd call a "reasonable" assessment, and it IS actually poised to be a decent long-term style of investment. Why?

Because, if it DOES become "The Worlds" Global currency, then it will have even more growth potential than the US-Dollar did at the beginning of the last century.

Mt-Gox BitStamp SilkRoad - intense speculation and NaySayers

Did you know when the automobile first came out, people were terrified of the speed potential the technology represented? the data generated by calculating simple newtonian physics caused your average person to say "see the human body would be CRUSHED at the speeds an auto might go". Many people, when confronted with an automobile would NOT and could not, be convinced to get inside the thing. You see, it IS true that when you perform the calculations for simple kinetic energy. Yes, it is true, the human body WOULD be smashed at what we now call "common speeds".

But it was all part of the general hysteria with which people considered automobiles when they first showed up on the scene. The POTENTIAL for death was there in the automobile. We all know about it. But when autos first came out? Statements regarding the "unnaturalness" of a man going that fast- were common.

It's not the speed that kills a person. It is a sudden stop.

That does not mean we don't use cars. And many of us LOVE to go fast.

Same is true with internet technology. When the internet first came out, even I had a certain mistrust. You imagine boogeymen everywhere. "The potential exists".

But the potential exists for GOOD, as well. So the BitCoin market is "volatile"? Well, the US-Dollar is also. Plus that older currency has a flaw and major major "weakness" right now. It could cause an entire systemic halt. (potentially) And especially if it becomes a popular notion in the world to simply STOP using the Dollar... due to it's debt-situation.

It remains to be seen how it all plays out. But the "Dollar" is so HUGE in this global economy right now, that it IS possible that a major change. A sudden shift in policy may NOT announce itself to the general public (politely). it COULD suddenly come crashing in upon us. Just put YOURSELF into the situation of some of this markets major-movers. The ones who DRIVE the US-economy. Wouldn't you rather "get out" of a bad thing, WAY in advance of the "other people"? (Ahead of us "little people").

Well, that's most likely what will happen. "Someone" will pull the plug, on their US-Investments. (Or perhaps several "major someones") And then one morning you and I will wake up, and there it will be all over Fox News... pandemonium on Wall Street.

"We" most likely will NOT... even see it coming.

(Yet we will all say, "we saw the signs" ... sure ... you 'saw the signs'.) If you "saw". What did you "do"? What CAN be "done"? Well, BitCoin may be the hand proffered to help lift you out of another (crashing) economy. And maybe... do not wait. Maybe... opt-in, before a form of coersion by circumstance. Begin to learn about it. And prepare.

And don't forget. Just because I see BitCoin as a good positive investment for the (long term) future. Does not mean that the very NaySayers themselves do not know it is true.

Don't forget. The "NAYSAYERS" most likely are the same types of people who have been lying to you about the American Dollar and the state of the US-economy. I'm not built like that.

I'm HOPING... for a good and even BETTER FUTURE. So that's why I "see" what I "see". I just HOPE for this all to be part of a better move for a LOT of us. Yes, I have faith, that this is a good thing. It seems to be "For Real".

Don't let the "volatility" fool you, or SCARE you.

It's FUN to go "FAST". So, go Fast.

if you are a BUY and HOLD type. NOW might be good.

"This is the new DECENTRALIZED Internet of Money"

One of the greatest claims to fame is the "anonymity" of the BitCoin network, that it's users may have. But, as a fellow who DOES know a little bit about infrastructure. I'd like to make a statement regarding the "freedom" and anonymity with which people operate. If you use the BitCoin network, even though "anonymity" is built into it's fundamental functionality. That does not mean you cannot be "found" by an entity that is persistent enough. ... I am simply saying we MUST work to preserve your own personal sanctity. Your own liberties. And if the occasional criminal operates (for a while) that is the LEAST of our worries - Globally.

But, Particularly if you are afraid of "criminal activity". Or listening to NaySayers who harp on this aspect of the "liberty" of the BitCoin network. (We have larger criminals who are on TV daily... so yes, be VERY afraid of THEM... )

Criminals? They can be found. They CAN be "found"... criminals. People like that have habitual patterns, and those "patterns" can be discovered. Privacy? YES, we must fight for privacy... In fact everyone's anonymity (sooner or later) can be ripped away. That's NOT the problem we face. The problem we do face is KEEPING our privacy. And also keeping our "voices" in politics. And also keeping our "Freedom" to pursue happiness. And keeping our dignity.

"A society that will trade a little liberty for a little order will lose BOTH, and deserve neither"

[Thomas Jefferson]


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