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Black Margin on Bottom of Monitor Screen, Resolution Problem Dell Inspiron

Updated on July 19, 2014

Dell 3646 computer with S2009W Monitor

Purchased a new dell computer with Windows 8.1 to be used with my older dell monitor. As soon as the machine booted it had a .75 inch black band at the bottom of the screen. All the usual solutions dealing with resolution, scaling and adjusting the monitor were tried with no success. The resolution set on the computer was equal to the resolution the monitor wanted but the monitor was operating at a lower resolution.

Hardware substitutions

The monitor was connected to another computer, no border. An old almost square monitor was connected to the new computer, no border. Conclusion was reached that there was something wrong with the monitor. A shopping trip commenced to buy a new monitor. Fortunately it was late so no purchased was made, but thought continued. The cable itself was not ruled out so another cable was tried, VOILA NO BORDER.


THE SOLUTION: the VGA cable was changed to a HDMI to DVI cable and that cured the problem.


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