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BlackBerry Curve 8520: Blackberry Smartphone Review

Updated on October 10, 2010

Blackberry Smartphone Ease of use

With the easily readable keyboard you won't have any problem typing and navigating the Blackberry curve 8520 phone, it fits perfectly well on your hand and this makes it easy to carry out, when dialing you will have no problems as all other features are visible and someone can easily see. It does not require any experience to use the smart phone but if you are newbie to smart phone then you will follow the user manual that its comes. Blackberry has a track pad which enables you to move swiftly and quickly through menus. If you are not a typist guru then the Smart phone will be able to help just do that through its typing tutorial. Blackberry Smartphone messenger is good and would save a lot on texting, and is easy to use by newbie who would like to chart online

Blackberry Look & Feel

Blackberry Curve 8520 has got a leek design and good keypad layout, you will experience the softness of its keypads while using the Blackberry, the smart phone is a unisex phone that any sex  can feel comfortable using without any problem. Music videos and music at located at the top of the Blackberry Smartphone which are accessible with ease

BlackBerry Curve 8520

Blackberry Smartphone Durability & Robustness

The Blackberry smart phone comes with a battery, charger, headset, USB cable, Micro SD card, all these are long lasting and replacing any part of the smart phone is no problem. When taken care of properly the Blackberry Smartphone should last for about 3 years while maintaining its original quality

The Blackberry Smartphone has got a clear reception quality with the camera key on the right side of the blackberry so you can access the camera or video recorder. With this you would not have to trouble yourself searching for the camera to take pictures

Battery standby time: The battery life of the Blackberry phone is pretty good and last for about two years when taken good care of. Blackberry Smartphone is handy when comes to charging as this can be done directly by plugging to your

Value for money

Buying the Blackberry Smartphone is actual getting value for your money, with the warrantee it’s come with you will be able to exchange it with a new one if at all something unforeseen happens to the phone while under warrantee

As some would find these to be the drawback of the Blackberry Smartphone

  • Camera has no flash
  • screen is small to view WebPages
  • Not many free game apps.

In overall the phone is one of the smartest phone in the market that will give you value for your money


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    • profile image

      Best 5 BlackBerry Smartphones 7 years ago

      Sure this is now an older smartphone and there are some better versions available now but still other than the small cons it makes a good value for money smartphone today.

    • fits4life profile image

      Cherri Brown-Jett 7 years ago from Richmond

      This is a nice review. I didn't know that there were so many differences between cellphones. You definently have to weigh them with the amount of money spent considered. Good job.