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Blackberry Desktop Manager

Updated on February 6, 2011

BlackBerry DeskTop Manager

Blackberry today is one the most well known type of smart phones available for people to buy. They offer way too many features and an the possibilities that you can achieve with them are simply endlessly. But a blackberry by itself can really accomplish great things, but even more when we are able to use a software called BlackBerry desktop manager. These are amazing pieces of software that allows you to with some time and effort to sync your BlackBerry with you windows computer, which allows you to back up files, transfer files between your blackberry and your PC, also with this blackberry desktop software you are able to install new files and applications as well as synchronizing your tasks, songs, videos, contacts, messages and pretty much everything between your BlackBerry and computer.

Screen Shot of my own BlackBerry Dektop Manger Software

One of the great functions in Desktop Manger software for a BlackBerry Smartphone is the Media section, which gives easy use to work and manage photos, video and audio. You can work with many blackberry applications and BlackBerry themes. In addition you will have a Backup and Restore tool which will handle and manage all of your BlackBerry’s data. Just imagine been able to handle so many things related to your Blackberry,  the easiness of making so many functions that before used to be so hard and way too difficult to accomplish can now be easily done with the little time that you spend with your BlackBerry.

Your BlackBerry Desktop manager gives great support for both Mac and PC, where you can enjoy great benefits and tools, but before I share a nice list with details for each, I wanted to point out the great use that you have while working with your blackberry email. With it you can work and edit your email settings, you can choose to forwards emails and text messages to emails from and to your device, make use of filters and add or edit a signature for outgoing emails and blackberry messenger.

After taking some time to work and get to know the software really good, you will be able to notice that in the end it's really easy to get around desktop manager, with great stylish icons and a nice well designed graphic user interface it allows you to easily work around all the feature you need, once you click on it, just follow the instruction around to accomplish your task. If you need help to work with your BlackBerry internet service you will always be able to find blackberry support on the manager software.

As I said earlier I wanted to list the features available for both MAC and PC users so here we go:

BlackBerry DeskTop Manager PC Features:

Udated User Interce

Very easy to use updated user interface. The BlackBerry® Desktop Software 6.0 comes with an updated user interface which comes with friendly menu options which allows you with a few click to connect, synchronize, update and manage your BlackBerry smartphone.

Built-in BlackBerry Media Sync

You can with ease transfer and update your most favorite media files to your BlackBerry smartphone and from it as well. You probably don’t know but you can easily import your desktop iTunes or Windows Media files to your smartphone and carry it wherever you go, including photos and videos. With the amount of time and dedication invested in this technology you will be able to accomplish these tasks very quick and easily.

Manage Your Applications and Synchronize your Organizer

You will be able to keep track of the most important applications you use and the ones that you don’t use so often on your BlackBerry smartphone. Easily add or remove applications, games, and much more. Another beautiful feature is that the

BlackBerry Desktop Software Manager is compatible with Microsoft® Outlook®1, Windows® Calendar, IBM® Lotus Notes®, and Yahoo!®. you can constantly keep your information in touch so you don’t miss anything.

Switching smartphones has never been easier

If you plan on changing to a new BlackBerry smartphone, you cau easily use the device switch wizard to quickly migrate from one BlackBerry smartphone to another.

Sync Your Contact and Appointments

You can easily use popular Mac applications like Microsoft® Entourage® and iCal to synchronize you contacts, tasks, notes, and calendar appointments.

Mange, restore and backup your BlackBerry Apps

Between your BlackBerry smartphones you can easily transfer data, restore and backup information the easy way manually or even more easily by doing it automatically. You will be able to also remove applications with no hassle.

Sync Music, Photo and Video with Ease

Just like for PCs but even easier you can sync your smarthpone with your favorite iTuens® playlist or with just a variety of songs from other genres and play lists, it's really easy to sync iTunes between your computer and BlackBerry smartphone. You can also work with photos and videos that you previously captured on your smartphone using iPhoto®, and sync Iphoto files to your smartphone.

Just like for PC, Switching smartphones has never been easier

If you plan on changing to a new BlackBerry smartphone, you cau easily use the device switch wizard to quickly migrate from one BlackBerry smartphone to another.

The BlackBerry Desktop Manager was developed for the top BlackBerry Smartphones

The BlackBerry Desktop Manager works with the top leading BlackBerry Smartphones like the BlackBerry Pearl and Blackberry 8700.

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BlackBerry 8700 Refurbished Unlocked Phone, GPRS, and EDGE--International Version with 60-Day Warranty (Blue)

BlackBerry 8700 Qwerty Unlocked SmartPhone (Blue)

BlackBerry 8700C Qwerty Unlocked SmartPhone (Silver)--International Version With No Warranty

Beautiful BlackBerry 8700

After dwnloading BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you should see this screen while installing it

Downloading and Installing Your BlackBerry Desktop Manager

Downloading and installing your own Desktop Manager Software for your BlackBerry is actually really and requires little time. The file is 108.036 MB for PC and 39.713 MB for a MAC, don't ask me why the difference in file sizes, I wouldn't know .

You can download you Software for your Windows PC HERE and for your MAC Computer Here

A few minutes later you will have your installation completed, it's easy and does not require any technical knowledge to get installed.

Final Installation Screen

Other BlackBerry Phones to Consider

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Description and complete details

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Unlocked Phone with 3.15 MP Camera (Black)

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Blackberry Pearl 9100 Quad Band GSM Phone with Tri-Band 3G Support, 3.2MP Camera, Hi-Resolution Display, GPS and Wi-Fi (Black)

Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 Unlocked GSM SmartPhone with 2 MP Camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth--International Version with No US Warranty (Graphite Grey)

There is a lot you can get done with this software. Even more than you can handled.

Leave you comments, suggestions and any feedback you'll d like to also don't forget to rate this page UP!


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