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How to Blog For Money

Updated on September 17, 2014

Blogging For Money Made Easy

Okay so you already have a blog and see that people are making a ton of cash from the blogs that they have and you want to know how you can do the same. I know that for some people they want to have a blog that can make them money just for them expressing what they think about what is going on. Making money is always a nice thing to do when you are just expressing your opinion about various things, but it can be a challenge as well. I know that several methods exist to make some money from your blog and I thought I would give a couple of examples here.

Ads Can Help Blogs Make Money

The first method that you can do is by putting ads onto your blog. Now this is an available feature in a couple of the blog hosted websites and will allow you to make a few cents each time someone clicks on the ad Now a few cents might not sound like a lot of money, but if you have a high traffic blog and people are clicking on your ads on a regular basis then you will find out that the pennies are going to quickly add up per day and you will end up making a little bit of supplemental income each month.

Affiliate Links On A Blog

The second method that you can start to make money from your blog depending on how much so called commercialization you can do on your blog is by affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you will be making money if someone purchases a product from the merchant whose site you are promoting. So for a good example let us say your blog is on model railroading. You will do a search for a model railroading book, toy store, or other items that deal with model railroading and find the items that you want to promote. Then you will look to see if they have an affiliate or associate program. If they do then that means that you can apply to become one of their affiliates. If you become an affiliate for them they will give you a unique id number so you can track the information and referrals that you make. Then if someone does purchase the product you normally get a percentage of the product price.

While many people have a blog anymore they might not be taking full advantage of the blog and not make money off of their blog. However, if you want to start making money on your blog here are a couple of ways that you can do this and start enjoying your blog even more than what you did before not to mention the extra money you will be making.

Step By Step Instructions To Set Up A Blog

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