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Blog vs Website...What's the diff ??

Updated on September 25, 2013
Blog vs website...the only difference
Blog vs website...the only difference


If you start off with that thought in mind, everything else then makes sense.

A Blog is a form of a website with a continuous stream of fresh content. Think of a pile of newspapers next to your recliner that never gets thrown out. Today's news is right on top, yesterday's under that and the day before's under that and so on..nothing ever gets thrown away and the pile can get really high.

For me the whole blog vs website confusion got resolved @ the official site of the National Basketball Association. From that home page (which is static) I can navigate to all sorts of stats, team rosters, fantasy games and schedules...That's a classic website.

Now if you know Charles Barkley,the commentator and former star player, you know he has the almighty gift of gab. He just wants to blab about basketball and be heard in general. Therefore is a blog style website. Whenever, wherever the urge to yak prevails, he piles it onto the top page (usually using a brief new video). That's what we see first. We can dig deeper into his personal 'pile of newspapers' directly using his blog address ( or via a link on the static homepage of the NBA. That's essentially how I figured it out.

So now you know. If you have an interesting day to day life, a unique career, or a knack for making trivial events humorous, you might want to start a blogging style website. If you are a terrific cook and at home mother, other moms might want to know what you prepare every day... and still manage the chaos of child-rearing at the same time. That's certainly of interest for a large audience and a blogging style website!

In fact, I have heard that many jail inmates actually run blog websites. To many people, that daily life and events might be of interest. A clever prisoner could even manage to sell advertising space on his/her blog...perhaps tattoo parlours, maybe defense attorney's. Who knows, anything is possible on the web.

From the first image above you can see how simple the difference is when building a new website. Click here to create a 'static' (traditional) front page or click there for a 'latest posts' (blogging) first page. Technically, there is more to the build, but a simple click is what makes a blog website be a blog.


Blog Vs Website...vs HubPages

Right now what you are reading is neither a blog or a website...It's a HubPages article, and maybe where you should begin your online presence???

By asking the question of Blog vs Website you are ever so slightly exposing yourself as a newbie to the online community. If so, welcome, I was in your shoes one year ago. I had some career based knowledge I thought might be important to certain consumers. I had no idea how to find my audience.

Today, I have a lot more understanding and online experience (by trial and error), than 12 months ago. Unless you want to waste a lot of time and money, why not follow my path? It's a lot less stressful and it's working.

HubPages is where I found to write content, post my pictures and even make some cash. All without the confusion over web-hosting, site-building and affiliate marketing. I may never build another website or a blog site, this (HubPages) is all so user friendly and educational.

The key here is that you will acquire all sorts of knowledge about creating an online presence. HubPages is community of writers who are ready and willing to share their successes, failures and provide plenty of encouragement. The other opportunity is to (learn how to) make money online with Adsense, Amazon and Ebay. In fact, I just added an Amazon ad to this article to show you (below). It took me all of ten seconds to do that because Hubpages makes it that easy. Should you decide to visit Amazon through that ad, I would make a small percent of whatever you buy..Simple.

Another important detail you will discover is that 'articles' will rank in Google search results just like a website might...(you may have found this article through a search engine). That was a really big revelation for me. A well written, highly informative HubPages article can even outrank the 800lb gorillas such as Wikipedia and in search results, depending on the topic and relevancy.

There are a hundred different article writing platforms out there, but only 2 or 3 that Google will consider for ranking purposes. HubPages is one of them The following 'how to' video is completely independent of Hubpages, by an outside source, but outlines very well what Hubpages is all about.

HubPages, Independent how to video

A random ebook.
A random ebook. | Source

Blog vs Website...vs an Ebook ??

If you have no interest in writing continuously and/or maintaining a website, perhaps an ebook is your best choice. If you have built a better chicken coup or perfected a way to get kids to eat broccoli and do their homework at the same time, an ebook could be your best choice. Five pages or 50 pages. With pictures or without. If it's important to someone else, the book will be found and bought.

The pricing of an ebook is irrelative to its length. It's all about quality of information. Once you have made a few sales @ 5 bucks, just keep raising the price to the point of resistance.

Keep in mind that you don't even have to type well. You can hire a typist or even a professional writer to edit and publish your work... No it's not expensive that way !!

So, Blog vs website. Blog vs Hubpages. Blog vs have a number of choices, In any case, I hoped this helped you make up your mind!

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments box, I'll be glad to help!

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    • denden mangubat profile image

      denden mangubat 4 years ago from liloan, cebu, philippines

      i just want to read and write but if i really want to earn, maybe a good niche should be use.a niche that is often used and a lot of exposure. sharing articles or blogs or websites to bookmarking sites,blog directories and social networking sites is also a good way-based on the articles i have read of how to optimize your google ranks.i have tried 2 of my articles and they rank high in google.but google now is working with articles that are in high quality.