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Blogging Challenge: Write a Scintillating Blog Post in 1 Hour, Can You?

Updated on October 2, 2017
Blog challenge: Write a scintillating blog post in 1 hour, can you?
Blog challenge: Write a scintillating blog post in 1 hour, can you? | Source

I promise a scintillating blog post-nothing more, nothing less- which is sure to give the readers goosebumps. It must be scintillating by every word, every sentence and to the last letter of it.When you finish reading it you must say, “O! Good God…, once more.”. And you go top again.

What else on earth you need if you could mill that captivating blog post in an hour? And yes, that surprisingly is possible. Follow this post letter by letter and send me the selfie of your jaw dropping expression when your post hits traffic beyond expectation.

I advise you practice this art perfectly (gain a baccalaureate in this!!) so you'll be able to carve an organic blog post or two even on a busy weekday.Believe me, this is going to be one of your lethal tools to skyrocket your blog traffic and blog earning.


You'll be dumb founded at the success of your scintillating-1-hour-blog-post
You'll be dumb founded at the success of your scintillating-1-hour-blog-post | Source

What do I mean by a scintillating blog post ?

A scintillating blog post is one that scintillates. That’s all.

Yes I mean it. It must flash and glitter brilliantly with respect to reader’s attention and interest. If your headline doesn’t connect, you haven’t penned that great post as yet. If the reader is not mesmerized by the images and videos on your post it’s not yet that post.

So what exactly does a scintillating blog post contain? Match your blog post with this checklist:

  • A central idea woven around a personal experience
  • An attention grabbing headline

  • An exciting intro

  • Original, unique, engaging but a short piece of content in simple and easy-to-understand language

  • A breathtaking visual presentation

  • A hidden value for the reader, appealing directly or indirectly (preferably a tutorial)

  • Real life motivational examples or surprising survey data

  • Proofs for the facts you provide

Besides, it does not contain a single word that's not required to establish the intent of the post.

Some Scintillating examples

Above, I have talked about what a scintillating blog post must contain. Here I give some instances:


It's an art to write captivating head lines. Following are but some examples to show how the likes of Neil Patel and Carol Tice entice their readers:

Value for the reader/ Motivational examples:

This kind of posts require research work and consume time but are sure to generate traffic and dollars. You may click any or all of these posts and have an idea what makes these posts great.

Original content:

In the following post Adam Hughes has knit a post around a very original idea showing the negative effects of what you could consider your positive quality

Proof of the facts provoded:

Click and go through this post and you'll soon understand why Harsh Agarwal is one of the top bloggers of India.

Breathtaking image in your blogpost:

Only after you see the lead image in the post will you understand how a breathtaking image grabs the attention of the reader

You have to have these before you start

Pre-requisites. That's what I'm talking about.

Before you start check for these:

  • Whether you have switched-off your phone and similar distracting devices
  • Whether you have at least 1 image and 1 video ready
  • Whether the theme of your post is ready
  • Whether your subs are ready
  • Whether your keywords are ready

If the answer to all of the above is 'YES' you're ready to start.

How on Earth I Write That Scintillating Blog Post in 1 Hour?

Sl. No.
Within 65-70 characters/Must contain the theme of your post and the main keyword
6 minutes
150 words/Speak about the main idea/ Mesmerize the reader to continue to the body of the post
9 minutes
Body of the blog post
3 to 5 paras each about 100 words/Cover all main points with an example for each.
27 minutes
Cnclusion and feedback request
About 100 words/ Write words that will get reciprocation from a reader through comments or pitching
8 minutes
inserting and properly placing your ready image and video
Choose optimum size and best location in your post
3 minutes
Overall formatting and beautification
Formatting should be uniform, Choice of colors should be sober
7 minutes
660 to 750 words
1 hour
Break down your post according to the table above. Practice writing with this format and hone your skill on weekdays. On weekends you should target for longer and more insightful blog posts.

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself to write the scintillating blog post we have been talking throughout. I tried to give everything required for writing one in an hour. If you've anything else up your sleeve, please share. Act soon because all said and nothing done is a big zero.


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    • rajeshcpandey profile imageAUTHOR


      14 months ago from India

      Dear all

      The idea behind writing such a post was to help newbie bloggers to gain on productivity. The pre requisites I have mentioned in the post do take time for research. I mean there's a hidden chunk of time connected with the said hour of writing. That's why you need to keep your inventory of ideas overflowing.



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