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Blogging Tip: Blog Generosity Goes a Long Way in Guest Posting

Updated on July 26, 2013

A Blog on the World Wide Web

Is your blog in the center of the web?
Is your blog in the center of the web? | Source

Build Links to Strengthen Your Blog

As a blog writer, I know the importance of link-building to generate traffic to my blog.

But some blog writers think that it's all about the money.

Well, maybe I should inform you that blog writing is not a "get rich quick" method, and it takes time to learn what makes a blog successful.Once you have learned what works, then your blog will start to make money.

For purposes of this Hub, I will be referencing my entertainment blog here. My blog currently has a Google Pagerank of 1, and is on the first page of Google Searches for several phrases and keywords.

What comes next is a very important concept to learn, because it is about Blog Generosity. Learn this, and you will gain more traffic to your blog.

Blog Generosity is the Same as Paying it Forward

Blog Generosity is a term I came up with for "Paying it Forward" in the blogging world.

It means this. If you are a writer and truly want to succeed, you may have to accept little to no paying jobs up front. When I say "job," I am referring to writing an article or blog.

For example, I have been guest posting on the site, Odd Random Thoughts. There is no monetary payment, but if I write good guest posts, then people will go to my author page and follow the link back to my blog here.

Guest posting is a great way to display your talent to the world on an already established blog, and you can create a solid backlink back to your personal blog or website.

You are "Paying it Forward" in the sense that you are helping the blog out, and one day, perhaps a young writer will do the same for you.

Who knows, if you increase traffic on the blog, perhaps the blog owner will decide to pay you something. If not, that's okay. You go in with the expectation of very little - perhaps only a backlink - and then you could receive more, but it is all about getting a positive work reference and a solid backlink.

Now, there is something you must not forget about your own blog when guest posting.

Content is Low

Warning: Content is Low
Warning: Content is Low | Source

Original Content is Valuable!

Valuable Original Content
Valuable Original Content | Source

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Don't Forget to Have a Content-Rich Blog

If you are trying to building solid backlinks to your blogs, then don't forget to have a lot of content for people to read on your blog.

It is easy to forget all about your blog, and pour all of your talents into the guest post. That's fine, just don't forget that you want equally compelling content on your blog. Plus, it is a bonus if the blogs you guest post on are in the same topics as your blog, but it's okay if it isn't.

The important thing here is to keep your blog updated and have interesting things on it to read.

Your First Guest Post

It can be challenging to just find a guest post opportunity that works for you. It may be even harder to then also get a blog in the same niche. Don't worry about this too much. Just landing your first guest post opportunity is a big thing in itself. Once you learn how to get more guest posts, then you can start to focus on niches.

Landing a guest post is slightly easier than landing a real paying writing gig, because most guest post opportunities do not pay money, but will link back to your blog.

If you are excited about the opportunity to guest post, feel free to share in the comments section about your first experience.

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    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 4 years ago

      You cover a very important topic, I agree that link building and generosity is very important when you want to grow your blog and gain visitors.

      It also helps build a good reputation. Thank you for sharing