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Blogs with Top Commenters Wordpress plugin

Updated on May 29, 2013

Commenting on other blogs can be a fun way to build backlinks to your blog or site. However, links in the comments on blog tend to be no-follow, which means that these links do not help you in your search engine ranking. They are still a viable way to drive traffic to your blog/site by diversifying your traffic sources and not to be as heavily reliant of search engine traffic. A study showed that search engine traffic on the Internet accounted only for about 10 percent of all traffic in the Web, so if you are not building your non-SE traffic, you are leaving traffic, and potentially money on the table.


Having said all this, commenting on blogs that have dofollow links back to your link is vital. One way to build such links is to comment on blogs that have the “Top Commenters” WP plugin.  

If you know of such a blog please add it in the comments below, with the category and name of the blogger behind it. Let’s make this list as comprehensive as possible. 


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