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Blue Ant Q1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset

Updated on April 26, 2010

It used to be that I was a Bluetooth virgin, but I’ve tried out a lot of Bluetooth headsets in the past, and I’m starting to get used to them. 

From the moment that I opened the Blue Ant Q1 Bluetooth headset, I noticed one thing different: it actually talked to me.  That’s right, when I put it to my ear and pushed its one button control, it told me what to do. 

It was easy to pair it with my phone, and it even told me when it was successfully paired up.  From there, wireless calls were a breeze.

In fact, the first call I received resulted in the Q1 telling me “receiving a call from (number) and when I said “Answer”, it would pick up, or “Ignore” if wanted to forget about it. 

It has a bundle of main voice commands such as “Am I Connected”, which will let me know if the thing is even connected.  “Call Back”, which will redial the last number called.  “Call Information” which of course, calls information.  One of the more unique ones is “Check Battery” which not only checks the battery of the Q1 headset, but of the cell phone that it is paired with. 

As far as talk time is concerned, it is good for about 4 hours talk time or 100 hours of standby time.  The headset is also good for pairing up to 8 devices, and it also has Voice Isolation Technology to reduce noise and wind.  To change into this better sound mode, all the user needs to do is double-click the one button controller. 

The Blue Ant Q1 just recently had a firmware update which will allow the user to listen to turn by turn directions from a GPS phone via A2DP streaming.  Upgrades are available through the site, so the Q1 is kept as updated as possible. 

I will have to admit that the Blue Ant Q1 has a nice look to it.  I never had anyone asking me: “I can’t hear you”.  The hook on the back is also good for keeping it to my ear, and it would take a good shaking to get it off, really.  It is no wonder that it won a prize for Innovations at CES International 2010. 

My only complaint is the charging cable could be a little longer.  It is about 3 inches, when it should be 3 feet.  It does have an AC adaptor, or you could use a USB method if you want as well. 

The Blue Ant Voice Controlled Q1 Bluetooth Headset is available everywhere.  You can get it on Amazon for about $63.99. 


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