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BlueLounge CableBin Cable Manager Review

Updated on July 18, 2016

The BlueLounge CableBin Cable Manager helps keep all your gaming accessories neat and tidy, kind of. Thanks to I was able to see this product in action first hand and review it for everyone suffering from messy tangled cables. The CableBin is exactly what it’s name denotes, a trash bin-esque container designed to keep all your cables in.

Looks and Specifications

Aesthetically the CableBin looks very nice. It comes in two different wood grain finishes, one lighter the other darker.The natural look and neutral colors will blend well with whatever decorating scheme you have in your office or gaming space. Standing 15 and ½ inches tall it fits nicely under a desk. A 10.25 inch diameter allows plenty of room for power strips, extra lengths of cord and device chargers. An opening along the back of the bin easily accommodates plugged in devices and a flat top lid with cable grommet is a great place to place hubs, charging devices etc.

CableBin light wood


CableBin dark wood



Functionally the bin isn’t the most elegant solution to cable management. The CableBin comes with six adhesive hooks to place inside the bin for a higher level of organization. It recommends using two strips per device but it can be difficult to get your devices resting properly on the hooks. Even if you take painstaking efforts to get all your cables and devices squared away just right, one misaligned chair swivel, an absent minded kick or the effects of gravity and house goblins will leave your cables in a jumble.

What the CableBin will do very effectively is hide all your messy tangled electronics. While it may seem a bit like sweeping things under the rug the effect it will have on your office space is profound. With the CableBin there won't be any unsightly cords strung over the floor and tangled in the legs of your chair. However, you will probably still need to untangle some cables inside your bin without an excessive use of velcro strips and twist ties.

A look inside the CableBin
A look inside the CableBin | Source

Overall Impression

The BlueLounge CableBin Cable Manager is a solution for messy cables, devices and peripherals by simply hiding them away and getting things off the floor. However, for the price it may not be worth using a glorified box to hide your messy cables in though. It is an aesthetically pleasing option for cable management, if not complete cable organization. BlueLounge’s CableBin is available at for $94.45, BlueLounge for $89.95 and Amazon.

Thanks to for providing the CableBin Cable Manager for me to review.

Overall Rating

3 stars for BlueLounge CableBin Cable Manager
Bluelounge CableBin - Cord and Cable Organizer- Flame Retardant Plastic - Light Wood Look
Bluelounge CableBin - Cord and Cable Organizer- Flame Retardant Plastic - Light Wood Look

Light wood CableBin Cable Manager from BlueLounge allows users to hide away their messy cables in a sleek and compact design.


What are your thoughts on cable management?

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