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Bluetooth Home Phone Models

Updated on June 17, 2015

Dect 6.0? 5.8 Gigahertz? Bluetooth? With all of the options out there for your home phone, it is easy to get confused and hard to find out what will work best for you and your household. Bluetooth has been a part of our cell phones now for a few years, and some people can't live without it. In nine states, it is illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving, unless you have a Bluetooth or other hands free headset available. Interestingly enough, Bluetooth is almost completely overlooked when the subject of home cordless phone systems come up, but it is also one of the best options available. This article will take an honest look at a few models of Bluetooth home phones, and lay out some of the benefits of switching from your current phone system to the future, a Bluetooth phone system or a Bluetooth conference phone.

DECT 6.0 and 5.8 Gigahertz

In moving into the future with a Bluetooth phone, it is important to look at the other models that are being left behind. The 5.8 GHz is the oldest of these two options for your home phone system. Both the 5.8 Ghz and the Dect 6.0 phones operate on what is called an ISM frequency. This is similar to the older 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz phones that were previously available on the US market. The Dect 6.0 phone actually operates on the 1.9 GHz frequency, but the term Dect 6.0 was a marketing term coined in order to help with confusion as to why a 1.9 GHz phone is coming out after a phone like the 5.8 Ghz model and how is a lower frequency better. Any phone based upon a frequency, like these, always has the potential for interference from all sorts of outside influences. Microwaves, televisions, and any other object that emits frequencies or waves can interfere with your Dect 6.0 or 5.8 Ghz phone system. This creates an unclear, or cracking sound while conducting a phone call. One of the greatest innovations is the addition of Bluetooth capabilities to the DECT 6.0 phones, thus giving you the best of both worlds.

A Cordless Bluetooth Phone System

What is the answer to these phones that operate on an ISM frequency? Well, that answer is a Bluetooth home phone. Bluetooth devices can exchange information over short distances using open protocol radio waves. Now wait, I thought that anything with waves can interfere with my phone call? If your phone is based on an ISM frequency, yes, but a cordless Bluetooth phone creates a Personal Area Network (PAN) and exchanges information on over 79 channels at a time on that network. Since you will be communicating on your own network, there is no interference.

Best Bluetooth Phone Models From

Bluetooth Phone Video

 This short video shows just some basic features of the AT&T Bluetooth Phone and how you can make and receive cell phone calls through your Home Phone.


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