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Bluetooth Handsfree Headsets - best of 2007

Updated on June 5, 2009

Motorola Bluetooth Headset - HT-820

ROKR Video

Plantronics 665 Bluetooth Headset

CES - the Consumer Electronic Show is held each January in Las Vegas, Nevada. Considered to be the premier occasion to see the most exciting new gadgets and consumer electronics it draws enthusiasts from around the world. Leaders in the technology field are scheduled each year for keynote addresses.

Bluetooth headsets were among the products displayed at the 2007 CES. Each manufacturer hopes that their product will be noticed by the judges but as in any contest, there can only be a few winners.

What is Bluetooth? Simply put, it is a networking protocol that connects two or more devices in close proximity of each other, usually within 30 feet, allowing them to exchange information. One of the most popular uses of Bluetooth is surely between the wireless headset and a cell phone.

Bluetooth headsets have become a necessary accessory for many mobile phone users. Each state and country sets their own laws concerning handsfree cell phone use while driving a vehicle.

Choosing a Bluetooth handsfree headset can be as daunting as choosing the perfect cell phone. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Some fit inside the ear and some hang over the ear. There is one that is actually integrated into a very popular style of sunglasses.

SIG (The Bluetooth Special Interest Group) chose the top winners of the 2007 CES Bluetooth handsfree headsets. The top picks were the Motorola O ROKR, the Plantronics Discovery 665, and the Motorola Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker T305.

The Motorola O ROKR was the overall winner not only for the Bluetooth headset group but as the top Bluetooth device out of the 33 presented. Staying connected to your cell phone and to your music is extremely convenient while biking, hiking, or during any activity that you find yourself performing outdoors. There are no wires to get in the way and a dual speaker system provides stereo performance. The sound, calls and music can be controlled by buttons located on the device itself. One full charge can give you listening/talking time of up to 4 hours and standby can give you up to 100 hours. The Motorola O ROKR can be purchased through Oakley as well as other retailers and will cost approximately $249.00.

The Plantronics Discovery 665 was chosen as the winner of the headset category by the experts at the 2007 CES. By using the AudioIQ technology this headset adjusts for background noise making the call clearer on both ends of the call. This lightweight (9 grams) headset can be worn with the soft ear tips (3 included) or with the also included over the ear stabilizer loop. Pairing this headset is easily accomplished due to the QuickPair technology which puts the headset in pairing mode when switched on. Even if unsuccessful on the first try - it will try again after 10 minutes and will repeat this process until pairing with the cell phone is accomplished. This headset will cost you approximately $149.00 and can be purchased from plantronics as well as other retailers.

Reaching finalist status, the Motorola Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker T305 is a bit different. Instead of being worn in or on the ear, it attaches to the sun visor in your car. A loud speaker and noise reduction technology make this a safe and viable way to carry on an extended conversation while driving and talking handsfree. A single charge will give you up to 14 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time. Style and ease of use makes this a favorite of experts and users alike. Purchase the Motorola Bluetooth Hands-Free T305 for approximately $79.99 at major retailers. These are by no means the only good choices of Bluetooth Handsfree headsets. I would suggest making a list of the desired features and researching to find the one that best fits your needs. Ask friends and acquaintances what they like about their headsets and compare them to the favorites of the 2007 CES.




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      bluetooth handsfree headsets 6 years ago

      I am very fond of listening to music and this bluetooth handsfree headsets really interest me a lot. I'll be following some of your post about it.

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      mary 9 years ago

      Great hub, I like to educate myself constantly on this eveolving industry.

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      Elton 10 years ago

      The Consumer Electronic Show is a great show. I love Bluetooth Products and look for them everywhere. is a great site to get Wireless Bluetooth Devices