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Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet Saves Trees and Paper

Updated on April 24, 2010


Notepads may be necessary but they are typically not all that good looking and a lot of paper goes to waste. Sure there are those shaped like animals, hearts and stars but most are square and quite boring. The Boogie Board is a new type of notepad. It is somewhat techie but not over the board techie.

Similar to the once popular plastic and cardboard drawing tablets that children played with years ago, the Boogie Board is a low tech note or drawing pad. The idea is similar in that you draw or write on the tablet with a stylus until you tired of it. Then instead of clearing the tablet by lifting the thin top layer of clear plastic the Boogie Board is updated with a button that does the same thing.

Boogie Board

The Boogie Board is sleek looking and looks great on a desk and can easily be carried with you in a bag or purse. The only power that the Boogie Board needs is a small non-replaceable watch style battery that powers the erase button. Otherwise no power is necessary. Notes or drawings will not disappear until to want it to.

Since this is a low tech gadget I will keep the explanation of how it works simple as well. Just know that liquid crystals and polymers trapped between two sheets of plastic are rearranged as you press down with a stylus or your fingernail. The slightest pressure will leave a light grey mark on the Boogie Board. The more pressure the wider the line. Unlike the cardboard tablets used by children of the past the Boogie Board is not soft and the pressure exerted by the stylus will not leave indentions. Instead, it feels more like a felt tip pen writing on paper.

When you push the clear button at the top of the Boogie Board the liquid crystals and polymers rearrange themselves and the surface returns to its smooth black color. Even though the battery is non-replaceable the Boogie Board should last through approximately 50,000 write and erase sessions.

If you expect to take notes or to draw pictures that can be transferred to a computer you will be disappointed. There is talk that eventually the Boogie Board will make use of an SD card but as of yet that has not come to fruition. However, if you just want a cool way to take notes and to doodle the Boogie Board would probably be a good addition to your writing arsenal.


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