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BookArc for iPad Minimal Desktop Stand

Updated on August 30, 2011

Is your desktop shrinking? If you move the stacks of paper will you lose track of your life? What are you to do? You still need a safe and convenient place to set your iPad – right? With desktop space being at a premium any gadget added to it has to be space-saving and worthy. The BookArc is both. It has a footprint about as long as an iPad is wide with the approximate width of about 4 inches giving the BookArc stability.

The BookArc is such a simple and elegant design. The center opening is adjustable via the silicone inserts. One is narrower than the other as to accommodate an iPad without a case or an iPad in a thin case respectively. The BookArc can be used to store the iPad when not in use. It also provides a base while it is being used. Watch videos or a digital photo slide show on your iPad while it is resting in a BookArc. There are four different orientations – portrait, landscape or angled in either orientation.

Pair a BookArc, an iPad and a wireless keyboard and a pseudo desktop appears. This would be a perfect fit for those of us with tiny spaces that double as home offices. A home office tucked into a closet or under a stairway is so chic. The unique area makes a great place for a digital picture frame until you need to get a little work done – so this combo fits not only your space but your lifestyle as well. Imagine how handy this combo would be in the kitchen. Need to see a recipe in larger print? The iPad makes that easy while the BookArch keeps it out of the way allowing for more preparation space. The dish turned out great so quickly email the recipe along with your own instructions to your friends and family.

The shape of the BookArc is as functional as it is artful. Although it is not a charging hub it does allow enough space underneath the iPad to plug in the charging cable. Who would think that a slice of heavy gauge steel could look so good and be so gentle on a gadget made mostly of glass and aluminum? In addition, it is so versatile. Work at a 15 degree angle (alone or in some cases) in either portrait or landscape (widescreen) orientation. Store your iPad (alone or in some cases) straight up in either portrait or landscape (widescreen) to save space.


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